All The Information You Need To Keep In Mind About Lean Ground Beef

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Beef can be a part of a balanced diet if you choose the lean cuts. Lean cuts of beef are lower in the fat and cholesterol content. Thus, lean beef can help you maintain a healthy diet. However, there are a few key facts that you must keep in mind about lean beef to avoid frustrating choices and confusion while making a purchase. 

The Easy Rule For Buying Beef

While you are at the grocer's and you are looking for how and where to buy lean ground beef, here are the things you need to keep in mind. Go for anything with the name round, loin or chuck. All of these cuts are either lean or extra lean. The tougher cuts among these are the round and the chuck. Acids marinate your meat for an hour with a combination of lemon juice, minced garlic and soy sauce for the perfect tenderization. 

Why Lean Beef? 

According to doctors and health experts, lean beef is a brilliant source of protein but with much lower calories and fat content, which makes it a very healthy choice. If you are looking for a safe source of proteins free from antibiotics of a meat farm, lean beef is the ideal option. Make sure you go the healthy way, starting today. 

The Nutrient Content Of Lean Ground Beef

The lean beef and other meats have relatively low-fat content. Here the fat is actually trimmed off your meat before you can purchase it. Generally, beef has a very high fat/cholesterol and calorie content. Keep in mind that when you go for the lean beef option, around two-thirds or about 80% of the fat is trimmed from your portion. 

The Various Health Benefits Of Lean Ground Beef

If you are health conscious and you are looking forward to enjoying beef with fewer worries about calorie and fat intake, go for the lean beef option. You additionally get selenium, vitamins (B6 and B3) along with choline. These have various health benefits and properties that include the following, 

- Selenium, for its antioxidant properties; which is essential to remove free radicals from the body. 

- Selenium boosts the immunity. 

- Vitamin B3 aids the production of stress and sex hormones. 

- Vitamin B6, along with B3, is also essential for the conversion of body carbohydrate into glucose. 

- Choline helps with nerve functions and reduction of inflammation. 

Now About The Cons Of Ground Beef

Well, some antibiotics are used on a meat farm, and this facet is linked with various infections. However, with stricter state and federal laws along with various FDA approvals, the use of antibiotics has been coming down over the years. Lean cuts are also a source of purines, which if taken in high amounts can increase the chance of gout. 

About Hygiene When Buying Beef

When you are buying meat, whether the lean cut or the regular variety, you need to handle and store your cut appropriately. Wash your hands and utensils before storing / cooking them. Ensure the complete cooking of the meat before eating. It is also a great idea to never re-heat more than once. 

We hope our guide helps you with making a choice about the cut of your beef. Stay healthy, stay happy.

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