What Do You Need To Keep In Mind Before Going For A Corporate Chair Massage?

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There are several key facts that you need to keep in mind before going for a corporate chair massage Boston event. The following sections of the article will demonstrate all that you need to consider before participating in such an event. We sincerely hope that the details enable you to control your nerves better before the massage. 

So, for all the information regarding chair massage, what you need to do is read on. Here goes! 

When To Show Up At The Event? 

Corporate chair massage events are usually for a day or two, which means the chances of a scheduled massage in minimum. In case of unscheduled massages, the general rule of thumb is always the same. So, make it if there is a first-come-first-serve rule in place. 

As the queue for a chair massage session can quickly escalate, you would want to get yours done as soon as possible to avoid the endless waiting. If you can schedule yours at the event, then make sure you show up on time or better, a few minutes early. If you arrive late, it will just cut into your scheduled appointment time. 

What Clothes Should You Wear? 

You can wear anything for a chair massage session. Since it is a corporate event, you will have your formal wear on. Just make sure there are no heavy jackets or sweaters involved which will lower the efficiency of the massage. 

For women, yes, you can wear your favorite formal skirt while receiving a chair massage. It is absolutely possible if you exercise a bit more caution than you would typically while sitting on a chair wearing a dress. Your therapist is a professional who will make sure of your comfort and convenience during the massage. 

Reasons For Not Getting A Chair Massage 

There are various reasons for avoiding any massage. Avoid chair massages at corporate events in case you are pregnant or had a surgery recently. In case of any medical condition, it is essential that you inform your therapist before you get on the massage chair. A trained masseur is an expert at figuring out the circumstances where a massage is prohibited due to medical conditions. 

About The Size Limit Of A Chair Massage 

Chair massages are absolutely safe, tried, and tested beforehand. The chairs get constructed with client safety and security in mind. Under rare conditions, the chair might not support the weight of a client, but it is not common. So you have nothing to worry about. 

Questions Regarding Shoes 

No, you do not need to take off your shoes while receiving a chair massage. If you request a special feet massage, then you would have to for obvious reasons, but in case of the general chair massage you can keep your boots on. 

What Does A Chair Massage Entail? 

If you have even more queries about how a chair massage it is done and what are the steps, we have got you covered. Here goes all the details that you will need. 

About Lotions And Oils For Corporate Chair Massages 

Since you will remain fully clothed for the entirety of the massage session, there are no oils or lotions that will get used. If in case the therapist offers you some kind of herbal cream or oil, it will be for the neck and the hands. You can always hash out the details with your therapist before he/she begins. 

About The Duration Of The Chair Massage 

Chair massages are usually between 5-30 minutes long depending on the schedule and the number of people in waiting. Chair massage duration at a corporate event is planned for by the event planner, so ask your questions clearly before going for it. 

Chair Massage For Affected Areas 

Chair massage focuses on various areas that are affected by long office hours. These areas include the neck, arms, shoulders, back, and hands. If you want your therapist to focus on a specific area, you can always ask for it. But keep in mind that a chair massage therapist treats the following symptoms specifically. 

- Shoulder pain 
- Neck pain 
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

About Being Ticklish During The Massage 

In all honesty, there is nothing like being too delicate for a massage. The massage techniques are such that it feels like a workout and not ticklish. Talk about your concerns to the therapist before starting with the massage so that your expert knows what to expect. 

What About The Legs And Feet? 

The chair massage usually doesn't include the foot or the leg massage. If you want your therapist to work on these areas, you need to ask your expert before you start. Keep in mind you might need to sit in a different way for a leg and feet massage. 

What About After The Chair Massage? 

The massage experience is by no means complete when the massage is over. There are a few other essential details to consider once the massage gets done. These are as follows. 

About Tipping The Licensed Massage Therapist 

In case of a corporate chair massage event, you do not need to tip your massage therapist since the administration is already taking care of the remuneration for the expert. A chair massage is unlike a massage parlor or a spa session where you need to tip the expert for his/her services. 

About The Various Health Benefits Of Chair Massage 

There are numerous health benefits of a massage session, especially the chair massage. Let us have a look at some of them. 

- Chair massage lowers anxiety 
- It increases blood circulation and makes you feel rejuvenated 
- Go for a chair massage to boost the immune system 
- Chair massage lowers blood pressure as well 
- It relieves muscle pains and headaches 
- Decrease stress and improves sleep quality 

These are the benefits that you can enjoy from the one-time massage. Imagine the benefits you can have from scheduling regular ones. Keep in mind all the considerations before your chair massage and as always all the best!

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