7 Tips for Saving Money on Massages

tips save money on massages

Is a weekly $75 massage (plus tip!) not in your disposable income budget? You’re not alone. While many people would like to receive hour-long massages every week, cost and time simply don’t magically turn that dream into a reality.

Fret not, there are loads of ways to get the same massage benefits with less impact on your wallet!

Try Foam Rolling

The latest in stretching and fitness recovery comes in a surprisingly basic package - a long foam cylinder. Foam rolling as a type of self-myofascial release therapy involves the targeted application of deep pressure to sore and tense areas of the body. Foam rolling kneads and releases stiff layers of fascia, the thick connective tissue covering your muscles and joints. Check with a knowledgeable instructor at your gym or yoga studio about proper foam rolling techniques and try it on your own at home!

Look for Discounts

Group discount sites like Groupon, Plum District, and Living Social offer discounted rates for massages offered by local providers near you. Search by zip code or keyword and find great massage deals you can snag for you (and your significant other) at much cheaper rates. Just keep in mind that the lower price tag often comes with stipulations like having to redeem the deal within a certain amount of time.

Ask A Student

Local colleges and schools which train massage therapists and masseuses will often need willing participants to offer to receive a massage from a student who is attaining a required number of hours to get certified or licensed. Check with your local community college to see if they have similar programs and have a way for you to stay up to date on announcements and classes looking for people to get a free massage.

Get Your Own Tools

There are a variety of less-expensive massage tools that are totally worth the upfront investment for long-term use including massage balls, electric massage pillows, massage wands, handheld massage tools, the list goes on. A massage ball can be used on your own simply by pressing it between your body and a hard surface like a wall. By placing the ball on or around a trigger point in your back, for example, you can press back on it and slowly move around to get the full deep pressure effect of the ball pressing into your inflamed tissue.

Ask Around

Now more than ever, offices that are not specifically massage studios or spas are offering massage therapy to the public. Chiropractors, physical therapists, or even your local gym could be getting into the massage game and have better deals and discounts than you might find at a massage-specific business.

Sign Up For Spa Week

Two times a year, usually in the spring and fall, massage studios and spas across the country will participate in national Spa Week offering discounted rates for massages and other spa treatments like facials. Take advantage of these special events by signing up for news and announcements at Spa Week.

Go To The Mall, Airport, Or Local Health Fair

You’ve definitely seen one of those quick chair massages at one time or another walking through the mall or airport. Sometimes free, often cheap ($10 to $25), you can score a quick massage from a trained professional without having to go through the rigmarole of making an appointment, driving safely to the masseuse, getting undressed, and spending way more than you wanted to like you might at a massage parlor.

Health & Fitness Benefits Of Massage

Did you know that massage isn’t just great for rest and relaxation? Key health benefits of massage include:

Boosted blood flow - manual massage helps to release muscle tension and boost blood flow which flushes out built up toxins and waste byproducts, delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to sore muscles.

Loosened joints - breaking up the tight fascia and scar tissue around damaged or stiff joints helps to loosen them and relieve pain. Improving the elasticity of muscles and other connective tissues around the joints can also positively increase range of motion

Aided fitness recovery - a growing body of evidence reveals how massage after an intense training circuit or workout improves rebound time and triggers specific proteins on the cellular level to speed up muscle repair and recovery.

Restored nerve function - tingling, burning, numbness, and pain caused by peripheral neuropathy (like you might see with diabetes, carpal tunnel, or sciatica) may be relieved in part by a massage which enhances relaxation, increases blood flow, and diminishes painful nerve spasms. 

Break up that scar tissue and stiffness and avoid breaking the bank with frugal massages! It takes some dedication but your body will thank you.

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