Good Parenting Means Healthy Smiles

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Having a good and healthy smile is one thing a person would be proud of. The straight and shining pearly whites could be the key to having 100% confidence. But how can we start having what we desire if we do not have someone to guide us? We need these people to help us achieve our goal. We need the most supportive and most loving people in our lives – our parents. 

At the moment when a husband and wife learn that they are pregnant, they immediately plan on thinking what will be the next step in the preparation of the baby's arrival. Starting from thinking about names and deciding one if it will be a boy and one if it will be a girl, going to the doctor for pre-natal check-ups, having to drink nutrition supplements, eating healthy food and up until planning for education and all other stuff you can think of. People always say that being a parent is a difficult and permanent job. Parenting will never be an easy thing. Imagine having to raise a kid or a bunch of kids without having or maybe having the littlest idea on what to do. Cries here wail there and diapers everywhere! I am sure that made our parents crazy back when we were still a child. 

How do we define the words ‘good parenting’? Is it defined by giving your child everything that he or she wants? Is it defined by giving proper discipline when the child does something wrong? These two words mean a lot more than we do.  An example of a good parenting tip the parents should teach their child early about oral hygiene. Health is wealth and oral hygiene is part of our health. Being healthy should become the first in our list to be able to work, study and do activities properly. 

It is the parents’ responsibility to take their child to the dentist at an early age. It is their responsibility to introduce the proper cleaning of their teeth to prevent the formation of cavities. The dentist should be able to guide the family into proper cleaning of their mouth. There are many options on procedures the parents could choose from. Be sure to look for good ones and head to for more details if you have yet to find one. But the first option should be the application of fluoride varnish to the child's teeth. Fluoride varnish application is a procedure wherein a dentist applies a coat of fluoride varnish to the child's white teeth

Not only will this varnish protect the teeth from having early onset of childhood caries, but it also comes with a lot of flavors as well as chocolate, bubblegum, mint, strawberry and many more. Aside from fluoride varnish, another option could be the fluoride foam but because of innovation and the arrival of varnishes, not all dental offices use it nowadays. Fluoride varnish is more accepted not only by the child but the dentist as well because it is very effective and easier to apply. The dentist only needs a prophy angle to coat the teeth unlike the foam, which is more work since, to apply it, the dentist needs to use fluoride trays and insert them in the mouth. There are also children with strong gag reflexes and it is more likely for them to reject the foam that is why it is not recommended at all.If you visit another clinic and they only offer foam varnish, you could persuade them to buy fluoride varnish since it’s the “trend” nowadays.

Aside from a fluoride varnish application, the parents should also opt for having their child's teeth to be scaled and polished. This will be done under the oral prophylaxis procedure. Oral Prophylaxis is the extensive cleaning of the teeth especially on the areas where the toothbrush couldn't reach. This starts with the dentist removing the plaque deposits with a scaler then proceeds to brush the teeth with a prophy paste. Prophy pastes are not toothpaste. It could be made of baking soda and pumice which makes it fluoride-free, unlike the commercial toothpaste that is why after prophylaxis, the application of fluoride is a must. Though not being toothpaste, prophy pastes come with many flavors as well like chocolate, marshmallow, mint, and strawberry to name some. This will be a procedure kids will enjoy. If your local dental office doesn't have any flavored prophy pastes, well you better ask them to order better-tasting prophy paste samples

Good parenting starts with the parents being good role models to their children. Teaching them about values and responsibilities at a young age will mold their child into becoming a person they wanted them to be. People will praise not only the child but the parents as well. The examples mentioned are just a few of the things a parent should do. There are lots of things that should be done especially when a child is growing up. Teaching them the basics of oral hygiene does not only help the kids protect and value their health, but it also teaches them how to be responsible at a very young age.This will help the children to bring out their healthy smiles. It is also not a short time matter but of long term effects. A good parent should also support their child in regards to their life choices. They are called ‘parents’ for a reason – to guide them not only in growing up but throughout their lives. Children could always make mistakes at all times but the parents never lose their patience with them. Our parents try their very best to have roofs over our heads, to keep us educated, to have food in our stomach, to have clothes in our body and most importantly, to keep us happy and satisfied. We should be thankful that our parents are here with us. 

As for the people with departed parents, you should still be thankful as well because they are still guiding you in your everyday lives. At some point, we may grow sick and tired of them opposing to what we want but at the end of the day, they will always know what the best is for us. This famous Filipino proverb “Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako” (trans: You’re still on your way, but I’m on my way back) means that our parents already have been through what we are currently experiencing. It is a way of saying “been there, done that” and that is a reason why we should trust and believe in them.

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