Electric Wheelchairs – Important Benefits That Make It A Popular Choice

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Secretly, everyone wants to live in a Utopian world, where everything is perfect! And in this ideal world, no one has to compromise on their self-reliance and freedom. Everyone will always be in their best health conditions, living a life filled with vitality and high energy. But unfortunately, reality brings in harsh truths like sudden injuries, accidents, aging and age- related ailments that vary from one person to the other. There comes the point when a person is no more able to function and move adequately, to cater to his/her life demands. It is in these moments that we try and seek outside help, so that life moves on seamlessly. Electric wheelchairs have been of immense help in situations, when an individual, child, adult, or senior citizen developed issues with their mobility. 

Understanding Electric Wheelchairs 

Simply put, power or electric wheelchairs come with battery-enabled motors that enable the users to drive and move across public spaces and their house, without putting in any physical effort. Electric wheelchairs are always helpful for people with paraplegia. This wheelchair usually is managed by a joystick, which an individual can master within a very short time. It's simple to maneuver that enables people with mobility issues, move around with complete ease and comfort. Are you wondering how disabled people who can't manage the joystick manage an electric wheelchair? For them, there are advanced electric wheelchairs that make use of installed head and breath controls. 

However, it is essential to differentiate between scooters and electric wheelchairs. Often people use both these terms interchangeably, without having a complete idea of both. Scooters don’t perform well indoors, due to its shape and size. Hence, it is apt for users who can walk indoors. Ideally, a scooter is apt for people who are unable to move because of obesity or fatigue and not severe medical issues that restrict walking. Today, you can learn more about electric and Disability Friendly wheelchair and living aids, from expert company that manufactures the same. 

Advantages Of Electric Wheelchairs 

Do you want to upgrade from a manual to an electric wheelchair? If yes, then you need to look into the benefits of a powered wheelchair. On the other hand, if your loved one has mobility issues and you are searching for his/her first wheelchair, it is always better to get an electric wheelchair than a manual one. Discussed below are some of the essential benefits you need to know. 

1. It Is Electric Powered 

The electric wheelchairs comprise of small motors. It helps to move the device, and the patient doesn't need to exert his/her upper torso strength while moving around. It is thus apt for people who have issues with arm and hand movement. The patient can use the joystick for steering and propulsion than any manual movement. It enables the user to move side to side, backward and forwards. To ensure that your loved one can move around freely, you need to keep the batteries in good charge constantly. Usually, the battery lasts anything between 10 and 20 miles. The electric wheelchairs get fully charged in eight hours. There is a control panel that highlights the battery consumption. 

2. Complex Inclines And Terrain 

Is there a rough terrain that a wheelchair user needs to cover? If yes, then an electric wheelchair is best suited for such a task. It comes with adequate motor power, big tires that help users to move through little hurdles. The advanced models today enable the users to move through the majority of tracks. One of the best benefits of a motorized wheelchair is the suspension that helps users to have a smooth ride. The manual wheelchairs fail to provide such a performance. 

The conventional, manual wheelchairs make it challenging to move around when there's an incline, or you have to encounter a hill. It requires increased upper torso strength of the users. Additionally, the slope also poses the risk of the wheelchair rolling backward. The electric wheelchairs can manage this issue like an expert. It takes away the challenge to move through the slopes and hills. 

3. It Is Effortless To Move 

The maneuverability of electric wheelchairs is always better than the self-propelled ones. It comes with a tight turning circle, that enables the user to navigate smoothly through the smaller areas, like narrow paths and indoors. Electric wheelchairs can also move through an outdoor/indoor obstacle quickly as well. 

4. Manageable Height 

One of the most common limitations of a manual wheelchair is that users are in the same height! Regardless, of whether the user wants to reach out for the higher rack in a mall or wants to sit cozy at a lower altitude while at a dinner table, the manual chairs don't make way for any. The electric wheelchairs, on the other hand, allow the users to manage the seat height with just a button. 

5. There Is Better Support 

It is essential for wheelchair users to feel well supported in the chair they use. The motorized chairs need lesser movement and that provide excellent comfort. It also ensures improved support for the users' legs, body, arms, and the head. And this support ensures that you stay secure as you move around. 

6. It Is Apt For Children 

Since children have less upper body force as well as short arms, a manual wheelchair isn’t the best choice. Equipped with an electric wheelchair, it is simple for children or disabled adults to move around without exerting any extra upper body strain. 

People with paraplegia and other disabilities will benefit immensely from the motorized wheelchairs. Instead of having to spend their lives housebound and bedridden, they can be a part of the ordinary course of life and move around indoors and outdoors. Electric wheelchairs have benefited disabled people and patients with mobility issues mentally as well. It has made them feel motivated, mentally stimulated, and also added to the quality of life. 

Users, who have severe mobility issues because of fatigue, can depend on the electric wheelchair to move around. They can attend important meetings, seminars, and workshops, and that makes them feel that nothing is missing from their life. Equipped with refined- grained joystick management and turning radius, the electric wheelchairs help disable people navigate spaces that otherwise could have been challenging.

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