Meet The Top 10 Foods That Help You Live Longer And Healthier

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Below are some simple food products commonly found in the kitchen of every home but many of us do not have the idea of ​​useful properties that last for a lifetime. Some foods are nutritional powerhouses and eating them consistently can keep you healthier throughout your life.

The List Of Top 10 Foods That Help You Live Long And Healthy 

#1. Salmon 

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the properties of salmon. This fish is usually not perceived as a healthy food. The fatty acids contained in salmon help reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and bad inflammation. Other similarities are: tuna, herring, fish eggs, and mackerel which are sometimes a more frugal option.

#2. Orange Juice  

Who does not like orange juice? It is full of antioxidants that stimulate blood vessels. It can also be a great help to reduce blood pressure. Just drink two cups a day to meet the daily vitamin C needs in our body. If regular orange juice has too much sugar for you, whether you are watching you carbs or have diabetes, you may want to look into Tropicana Trop50 or Simply Light orange juice with half the sugar (replaced with stevia). 

#3. Coffee

Studies have shown that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 20%. However, remember that coffee can have a negative effect on your stomach and excess caffeine is not good for your health. 

#4. Persimmon

Persimmon helps reduce cholesterol because it contains curcumin, which has many positive actions in our body. This helps reduce fat loss and reduces inflammation in the body. 

#5. Green Tea 

Green tea is known for its soothing values. Because tea contains antioxidants, they reduce cholesterol absorption and promote metabolism. For maximum effect, it is advisable to drink at least two glasses a day. 

#6. Integral (Whole Wheat) Bread 

Usually eat white bread? Well it is advisable to replace it with integral bread, also known as whole wheat / grain bread, because it contains fibers that prevent cholesterol accumulation in the artery. Ezekiel bread is an even healthier option if you can find it and afford it.

#7. Algae  & Seaweed

Algae have many useful qualities. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. Regular consumption helps normalize blood pressure and expands the blood vessels, which helps with blood flow. People who regularly eat seaweed and algae have a cholesterol reduction of up to 15%. 

#8. Cinnamon 

In addition to being tasty for tea and cakes, it is still a good weapon in the fight against cholesterol. To have a significant effect, you can consume a few teaspoons a day. 

#9. Olive Oil 

Italians and Greeks know that olive oil can do wonders. It provides our bodies with healthy fat and lowers cholesterol levels. This means that the risk of myocardial infarction is reduced to 41%. 

#10. Avocado 

Fats contained in avocado regulate good and bad cholesterol, which have a great impact on our health. Besides having a good taste, it is also suitable for different types of cooking and makes it easy to get into the diet. 

Honorable Mentions

Obviously there are many other top superfoods that help you live a longer and healthier life. Generally speaking they include most fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs so keep those types of foods as a major component of your daily diet as well.

Live Long And Prosper With Lean Nutrition

Those are all the foods you need to know now! We hope you found these delicious and nutritious food insights to be helpful for your daily diet. Do you want to read more articles like this? Then make sure to follow check daily neo adviser pop news for the latest news on nutrition. And keep reading Frugal Fitness for all things frugal, fit, and fun.

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