3 Tips To Effectively Use Symptom Checker Apps

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There is nothing worse than waking up and not feeling 100% yourself. Thankfully there are apps to help you get back on your feet quickly. The first step to feeling better is knowing why you are under the weather using symptom checker apps. Likely if your feeling sick the last thing you want to do is sort through a bunch of symptom checker apps to see which one works for your, so keep on reading for a few tips on how to find the best symptom checker app for you. 

Know Your Lifestyle 

Many symptom trackers favorite a certain kind of lifestyle. For example, if you're a runner and are having joint pains there are apps more geared toward you, than someone suffering from the cough or flu. Knowing your lifestyle not only helps you find a more accurate symptom checker for yourself but helps you check the accuracy of your diagnostics. If you are not a runner you probably aren't suffering from shin splints, so if you get that diagnostic you can probably throw that symptom checker out the window. Pre-existing conditions and medical history are key factors in picking the right symptom checker as well. If you have an autoimmune disease certain symptoms can mean something completely different for you than someone who has a family history of heart attacks. 

While looking for the best symptom checker apps for each lifestyle I came across this super useful site that has a great list of different apps for different lifestyles, background, and pre-existing conditions. 

Use Quizzes 

Unfortunately, we aren't doctors so trying to put our symptoms into exact words can be difficult. We don't know the exact difference between a hacking cough or a cough, and it can be a struggle to know exactly what part of your muscle is bothering you. Thankfully some symptom checker apps come with quizzes and other tools that can help you quantify your symptoms, and the better you can describe your symptoms the more accurately you can diagnose your problem. These quizzes will ask a series of questions that have easy to answer questions like asking you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10 much like a doctor does when you go to a doctor's office in order to get a more accurate sense of how your feeling. 

Learn About Your Diagnosis 

Once you have used a symptom checker to figure out exactly what is ailing you, and have taken the necessary precautions such as drinking water, vitamins or seeing a doctor if the diagnostic is serious enough or does not improve in a day or two it doesn't hurt to learn more about what you were diagnosed with. Learning more about the illness allows you to recognize the symptoms faster in the future, and the faster your recognize an illness the faster you can treat it and be back to 100% yourself. Knowing more about an illness also teaches you potential ways to avoid the illness in the future, is it due to a weakened immune system, or maybe the illness is more prevalent in certain times of the year? When people said “knowledge is power” they weren't joking. 


Knowing your medical history and existing conditions are essential for finding accurate symptoms checker, and knowing your lifestyle can help you identify more likely diagnostics as well. Taking medical quizzes will help you better identify your symptoms and get a better diagnostic. Finally, once you have figured out your diagnostic learning more about the illness can help you feel better faster and help prevent yourself from catching it again. Mobile technology is here to help your health, fitness, and finances! 

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