Top 10 Best Apps To Help You Prepare Healthy Meals

best mobile apps prepare healthy meal

There is a famous proverb that says “You are what you eat.” I now understand the meaning behind it. It means that your diet determines your health and fitness. If you eat healthy foods, you will look physically fit and feel nourished on the inside. Another wise saying is "abs are made in the kitchen", emphasizing the importance of diet in weight loss and physique improvements. But deciding on what meals to eat that are healthy and delicious is no easy task. Thanks to some fascinating and affordable new mobile technology now that can also be done in just a few clicks of various fitness apps on your iPhone or Android device by using these fantastic applications. 

Top 10 Best Mobile Apps For Healthy Meal Preparation

1. Mealime 

This app lets you put in your preferences, allergies and dislikes when you log in, afterward it gives you the options to choose the entire week’s meal plans from tons of options. To minimize the wastage it asks you how many meals you want out of a recipe and generates a grocery list accordingly. You can also personalize your meal plan, save the recipes you love and get access to quick dishes that take less than 30 minutes to cook. 

It is available free for Android and Apple users however you can get a paid subscription to gain access to the advanced features. 

2. MyFitnessPal 

This app is a handy tool that lets you monitor the number of calories you consume and burn. It has a database containing 5 million foods even restaurant meals and their nutritional information. You can create or save recipes, and if you want to get some motivation by reading weight loss blogs, you have the option available on the app. 

Available for both mobileplatforms, Android and Apple app stores. 

3. Superfoods 

You must have heard the term superfoods; these are nature’s nutrition powerhouses. Most of us have these foods in our kitchens, but we neglect them due to our lack of awareness. Well, that is the objective of this app, it reminds you of the nutritious diet options that you should be consuming and also informs you about their extensive benefits. 

This mobile app is available free for Android and Apple users. 

4. Fooducate 

Most people like me aren’t too good at reading and understanding labels, sometimes what seems to be a healthy product isn’t healthy at all. The good news is, we now have fooducate. You can scan the barcode of any item, and it will provide you its complete nutritional information. It also monitors your exercise, sleep patterns and other aspects that might be affecting your health. 

It is available for Android and Apple users for free however some features require purchase. 

5. Lose It 

This app is a combination of your nutritionist and dietician which is compelled to make you lose weight. You can input your information, and the app will provide you a customized meal plan that will promote weight loss. It also sets a goal to achieve and limits the number of calories you can consume each day. 

It is free for Apple and Android users. 

6. FatSecret 

The app lets you record what you eat daily and plan meals. It has image recognition which makes it easy to log any food item by merely taking a snap. You can also interact with professionals who are willing to help, via the app. 

Available free for Android and Apple users. 

7. 8fit 

This app provides you with over 400 nutritious recipes to choose from and makes a weekly customized meal plan and a grocery list. You can set your preference whether you want a vegan meal or a low carb diet and it will design the menu accordingly. It also monitors your caloric intake and provides you with a customized workout plan to suit your lifestyle. 

Available free for Apple and Android users. 

8. True Food 

A lot of eatables available in the market today consist of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). These are chemically produced substances that are harmful to human health. So how can we avoid such products? Truefood is the answer. You can scan the product’s barcode, and the app will give you detailed information, it will also tell you which items are risky and which ones are preferred. 

This app is available free for Apple users. 

9. MyPlate Calorie Tracker 

The app also promotes weight loss by keeping an eye on the calories you devour daily. Once you input your information, it sets calorie targets for you to achieve. With its database of more than 2 million foods, you can scan your food items, track your daily nutritional intake and create customized meal plans. 

It is available free for Android and Apple users. 

10. MyNetDiary 

This mobile app is like your trainer and nutritionist in your pocket; it can help you lose weight. You just have to input your desired goal, and the app will set targets and monitor your daily intake and exercise. It analyzes your weekly diet and provides you with tips and suggestions; you can also synchronize it with different fitness and activity trackers. 

It is free for Android users however Apple users have to pay $3.99 to download the app. This piece of new sports technology is a great option for both frugal fitness and frugal finance.

Final Thoughts On Nutritional Mobile Apps

There are other top mobile applications for nutrition and health like the tried and true FitBit, although that is significantly more expensive even with the entry level model. What other top mobile apps do you use to help improve your nutrition? Let us know on social media by sharing this article link and the #FrugalFitness hashtag!

I hope you enjoyed this article about the 10 best mobile apps to help you prepare healthy meals and reach your fitness goals

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