Top Tips To Help Speed Recovery From A Sports Injury

how to speed up recovery sports injury rice method

Sports injuries are extremely common and range from minor sprains, to more serious long-term injuries. Most people who play sports, or engage in regular exercise and training, will experience an injury at some point in time. Sustaining an injury can be extremely frustrating, and most people are eager to get moving again as soon as possible - whether it’s to return to their sport, get back to work, or just, so they’re able to complete their usual daily activities. With this in mind, here are some tips to help speed recovery from a sports injury. 

Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (RICE) 

Immediately after sustaining a sports injury, it is recommended that you ice the affected area and compress it with soft bandages, to help reduce any swelling. You should then keep the area elevated for as long as possible during the first 48-72 hours and get plenty or rest, to help prevent further swelling from occurring. This is known as the RICE method and is recommended by medical professionals, to help control inflammation and kick start the healing process following any soft tissue injury. 

Get Checked Out By A Medical Professional 

It is important to get any sports injury checked out by a medical professional, to rule out any serious damage. Minor sprains usually recover by themselves within a few days or weeks, with plenty of rest. However, ligament tears or fractures often require further treatment. More serious sports injuries may initially present similar symptoms to minor sprains and strains, and may require x-rays and further investigation to diagnose. For that reason, it is always best to seek advice from a health professional, so you can understand the nature of your injury and how best to treat it. Click here for information on some of the most common sport-related injuries. 

Maintain Good Posture At All Times 

Maintaining good posture is important at all times, especially after sustaining a sports injury. Good posture keeps bones and joints in the correct position so that your muscles are balanced and able to work properly. This helps reduce the risk of strains, muscular pain, and further injury. Sitting or standing in a slouched position can be extremely damaging, so try to be conscious of your body posture at all times. Standing desks have become extremely popular in workplaces, as they encourage better posture. For example, medical computer carts are used by health professionals to prevent staff from having to bend over desks when accessing patient information on the go. There are also a number of quick exercise tutorials online, that can help improve your posture and aid in exercise recovery. 

Remember To Allow Enough Time To Heal 

Remember that it’s extremely important to give your body enough time to recover, by resting, and allowing your injury time to fully heal. If you overexert yourself, then you risk causing further injury and making your recovery time even longer. Any return to exercise after an injury is best supervised by a fitness specialist or physiotherapist, who will ensure the appropriate milestones are achieved.

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