How To Improve Your Concentration In Business

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Being motivated and concentrated in business may sound similar but they’re quite different. The lack of both can indeed hider our efforts to achieve our goals, but even if we’re motivated to get the job done, we often find it very difficult to focus. It could be due to the environment or our own state of body and mind. 

To help you stay 100% concentrated, here are 5 tips to help you improve focus in your business and personal life. 

Develop A Healthy Lifestyle 

Adopting a healthy, balanced diet, doing regular physical exercise and avoiding smoking and alcohol can greatly contribute to a higher level of oxygen in your blood that is also delivered to your brain. This helps reduce the risks of brain deterioration in older age, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and stroke. 

A healthy, active lifestyle will increase your endorphin, the happy hormone, improve your mood and thus, improve your powers of concentration. Getting enough sleep will also help you feel fresh and stay alert which is all required for better memory consolidation. 

Train Your Brain 

Just like you can train your body, your brain can be trained as well. You basically need to talk to your brain all the time, and as silly as it may sound, this actually helps to stay focused. Tell your mind the importance of your current work, the deadlines, goals and all the good that is expected to come out of it. 

You can try simple exercises to alert your senses, such as focusing on little sounds around you when you’re idle, counting the stairs as you go up to your house or the stars at night. This makes your brain more involved in every activity. However, if you still struggle to block the surrounding noise when you need to focus on your tasks, try using Focal Utopia headphones. With their brilliant, high-end design, they can help you get completely absorbed in your work while listening only to the sounds or music you like. 

Process Information Efficiently 

When you have a lot of information to process, use nifty tricks to process them more. For instance, put the information in the right context by connecting it to your previous knowledge or experiences, give subheadings to the text you need to memorize or divide long numbers in groups of digits. 

It’s important you fully understand the information before you try to memorize it. Summarize the text in your own words and write it out, reorganize it and manipulate it so you can get a better grasp of it. This will force your brain to be more active and focused. 

Know Yourself 

For most people, the time when the brain is most alert and active is between 7 and 9 pm, but you need to find out if this also works for you. Find the hours when your attention and concentration are highest and do your work then. 

In addition, the general maximum concentration peak is around 30 minutes and it’s often in the morning, so again, you need to discover the time of the day when you can focus best. When you do, it’s recommended you cut your work in shorter learning sessions when you can concentrate the most and in between, take breaks to relax and rewind. 

Do One Task At A Time 

Doing one task at a time and taking breaks can improve your concentration and achieve your goals instead of chasing the clock and multi-tasking, which is really unhealthy. Time your breaks after each study or work session and relax by doing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. When your body is unstressed and brain at peace, you can enhance your concentration and perform better. 

Concentration Optimization

It’s all about discovering what works best for you and hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to significantly improve your concentration. Boost your concentration optimization while working!

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