Yoga Poses For Poor Blood Circulation

yoga poses for poor blood circulation yogi stretching bloodflow circulate

Having poor blood circulation can lead to different problems for the body to combat, like fluid retention and swelling of the lower extremities. Most of the time the causes of poor blood flow can get out of hand, but the one solution to these is by doing exercises like yoga. This article will discuss on the different yoga poses to achieve good blood circulation. For a fact, swelling can be serious. Exercising is not 100% effective in poor blood circulation, but it can lead to relief from pain. Try out Home Healthcare Products at this site. 

For example, during pregnancy, swelling of the feet and ankles may take place. To this, doing yoga techniques aid in cutting down swelling. Following this up with a warm bath of epsom salts is very effective. Also, raising your legs on cushions in the evening will be helpful. 

Below are some examples of sequence of poses in yoga. You may perform this sequence as you get energized. Upon getting used to the poses, you may do two (2) sets of posture for further benefits. 

1. Easy Pose With Deep Breathing 

To do this yoga pose, you have to sit on the floor and cross your legs together. When having poor blood flow, sitting cross legged on the floor is not advisable. Instead, take a minute or more of deep focused breathing. Concentrate on having deep breaths in and out. 

2. Mountain Pose 

Go to a standing position and bring your feet comfortably under the hips, place the arms by the sides and stand with spine straight. After, think of using a string to go up and down to your spine, which pulls the body upward and strong. You may have your hands by the sides of your body or place them into prayer position. Stand and take some deep breathing. 

3. Chair Pose 

Start with a mountain pose and bend your knees. After, bring your butt lower to the ground. Think of sitting down in an unseen chair. Bring your body as low as your flexibility permits and place your thighs in line with the floor. Then, bring your arms on top of your head, which lengthens through the spine. Remain in the same position and take ten (10) deep breaths. 

4. Warrior II 

Start with a mountain pose, then bring your posture to a widened position, so that your feet are placed three and a half (3 ½) to four (4) feet apart. Upon bending the knees, you may be required to adjust this a little. Bring your arms to a position in line with the floor. Then, bring your right foot towards the right wall and bring your left foot lightly to the other side to add extra stability. After, bend your right knee, which allows your thigh to be in line with the ground. Maintain the torso to a position that is pointed straight ahead and, then, turn your head to overlook on the other side of your right hand. Keep stance for ten (10) deep breaths and repeat on the left side. 

5. Triangle 

Start with a Warrior II position, but instead straighten both legs. Bring your arms in a position in line with the floor. Then, bring your upper body out to your right and place your torso to the right. This time, bring your left arm to a position up in the air and stretch the right arm towards the ground. When you may need support, you can hold on to your foot, calf, thigh and ankle using your right hand. Bring your head to a position looking up at your left hand and take deep breaths. Do this for ten (10) breaths and repeat again on the left side. 

6. Downward Dog 

Bring your hands and palms flat on the floor while bending one knee. Bend your toes under, so they are in feeling on the floor, then bring up your palms and the balls of your feet. Then, stretch your legs and bring your butt up higher. You may desire to do these on your back flat and straighten the legs, but your feet will probably not be flat on the floor. Maintain your neck neutral and take deep breaths for about thirty (30) seconds. 

7. Yoga Lunge 

Start with a downward dog pose and bring your right foot forward, while bringing it flat on the floor between your hands. Bend your back a little and then look upwards, while keeping your palms on the ground. Maintain this pose for ten (10) deep breaths, then push back into downward dog to alternate sides. Do this again on the left side of the body. 

8. Pigeon (Or Half Pigeon) 

For this yoga position, bring back your body to a hands and knees position, then bring your right foot forward, so that the knees is positioned between your hands. Bring the left leg back on the floor slowly until in a straight position. Do this without straining your groin. Then, slightly bend your back and look up while taking ten (10) deep breaths. Let go of your spine and bring your head lower to the floor. When seeking for more support, you may place your head in a resting position on the hands or even stack your fists and place your head there. It all varies on how flexible your legs and spine are. Do this for ten (10) breaths. Repeat for the left side. 

And if you want recipes and meal plan for yoga, you can check recipe websites that can help you in finding the right diet and meal plan for you while practicing yoga. 

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