Convincing Signs That Show It Is Time to Break Up

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As the saying goes, there is a time for everything. Even relationships have different stages. There is a time when things look so good and fun and when love is at the optimum level. In contrast, there is a time when things will get uglier than you can imagine.For now, the focus is on the latter. Any time you are in a relationship, you must know all the signs that send a message and what they mean. If you want to know when it is time to breakup, here are the signs to look for. 

Happiness Is Lost 

A relationship should make both of you happy. This is why people share a lot of laughter especially when they start dating. But when things get ugly, the smiles fade away. If you are not happy with your relationship anymore, it may be time to say goodbye. But first, the relationship deserves some effort to work things out until you are convinced that there is nothing more that can be done. 

Sex Drought 

Sex is a core pillar for a happy relationship. More so, it is paramount for married couples. But things start to look bad when you have to struggle to get intimate. If you have lost the love in the relationship already, many days will pass without being attracted to each other. Well, it is natural to lose the attraction to each other when the relationship is not working. So, there is no need to waste more time in it. 

Hide And Seek Game 

When people meet either at a social event or on a dating site, what follows is full of fun as more time is spent together. And this is the basis for committed relationships that create time together. However, people start playing a hide and seek game when they get bored with each other. This is one of the habits that kills relationships according to many experts and people who have been victims. When your partner starts to be too busy for you, there must be something wrong, and you probably should break up now if there is no hope of improving the relationship. 


You do not have to catch your partner pants down with another person to know that he or she is cheating on you. There are many signs of cheating. As soon as you suspect that your partner is cheating through your research, it is time to move on especially if she or he is not remorseful or does not promise to stop. The problem of staying with a cheating partner is that it will always be painful and that your happiness is gone. Trust, which is very important in a healthy relationship, goes away completely. You too need to withdraw. 

Lack Of Future Plans 

A partner without any future plans is like a time bomb. He or she can surprise you with all the bad things that you can imagine. So, as soon as you realize that your partner has no future plans, it is time to breakup and look for someone who is more serious about life. If possible, date a partner who has ambitions that are similar to yours so that you can move forward together. If not, your partner should have a plan for the future and also be supportive of the plans that you have.

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