How Your Small Business Can Have A Beautiful Website Designed

How Your Small Business Can Have Beautiful Website Designer

When it comes to small business branding and marketing, nothing is more important than a high quality website. For the relatively low price, there's nothing else that can be such a game-changer for your company. The challenging part is finding an experienced, innovative, and affordable web design company. 

Find The Right Web Design Agency

Luckily for you there is Silky Ocean Studios, an award-winning web design agency that makes it their mission to build you an amazing website. Whether you just need a basic website or a huge custom-made site, they have the customized solution you need.

Exceptional Examples Of Wonderful Websites

Silky Ocean Studios has some great examples of high quality websites designed for their clients. Here are a few great sites that they have already built for satisfied clients:


small business beautiful web design tech site

small business website design example

Those are just a few though and you will find countless other inspirational examples on the Silky Ocean Studios portfolio page.

Features You Need

- Your Own Web Designers
- Free Unlimited Updates
- Professional Email Accounts
- Secure Web Hosting
- Mobile Friendly Design
- Search Engine Optimised
- Website Analytics
- 24/7 Online Customer Support
- No Contracts Required

Here's what you'll need for your small business website and what you'll get in more detail:

Fully Responsive & Optimized For Mobile 

More than half of all searches and website traffic now take place on mobile devices over desktop computers. This staggering statistic became a reality over the past couple years and it has had a major impact on the web developer world. All websites need to be fully responsive for all smartphones, tablets, desktops and browsers or you'll end up losing customers. Fully responsive blogs and websites are key because then you really only have to edit a single website for it to take effect on both desktop and mobile. 

Search Engine Optimisation

You can have the greatest website in the world, but it won't matter if nobody can find it. Aside from advertising options like social media marketing and email marketing, that's where search engine optimisation (SEO) really comes into play. The growing number of blogger outreach services and SEO agencies is proof of the importance of search engine optimization for Google and other major search engines. You need to make sure that your website is designed with optimal Google search results in mind to generate substantial organic traffic. That means your site needs optimized keywords, text, images, videos, links, and user experience among countless other factors. There are hundreds of Google ranking factors so you need to try and be as compliant as possible. Paid traffic can be very expensive, so you want to ensure that your site can provide you with free traffic for years to come. 

Easy To Update Site

A small business website can become a detriment if it takes a lot of time, money, or expertise to make updates. You need to be able to make edits or improvements in a matter of minutes or hours, not days or weeks. This applies to product sales, specials, holiday hours, blog posts, inventory or schedules just to name a few potential variables. Just imagine if you found a major typo on your website (a decimal point in the wrong place for example) or the wrong product listing and it ended up costing you thousands of dollars because you couldn't change it in time. Or maybe you worked for hours on a compelling blog post that you know will help thousands of readers (including marketing influencers) and convert hundreds of visitors into leads or customers. Your website needs to be able to make agile updates. 

Secure Web Hosting

It's very important to have a secure host for your website to prevent it from getting hacked, and to back up all of your information if needed. You don't want to leave your website in the hands of just any host after putting in all of that time, effort, and money. Cyber-security and data protection are now a top priority after all of the highly publicized hacks at top corporations. You should also consider a high-quality internet service provider that provides additional speed and security. 

There are a variety of top website hosting services available. Read this detailed Bluhost review, if you're looking for an established web hosting company.

Hire Silky Ocean Studios For Your Business Website

Building a business website and strengthening your online presence is a major factor in success these days. Don't try and do it yourself or just hire the cheapest option, you get what you pay for! If you want your website done right for an affordable price, make sure to hire Silky Ocean Studios!

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