Top 3 Types Of Gold Bangles To Buy

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Women love ornaments. And when it is about bangles, they often go crazy. Whether it is the mini gold bangles for the rice ceremony of a girl child or you want a beautiful ‘Kada’ for your daughter on her wedding, gold is the thing that will win your heart. It is true that one gram gold chain price is quite high now; still, the love for gold in women will never end. That’s why there are several jewelry shops which bring several schemes so that you can buy ornaments at an affordable price and don’t spend bulk at a time. 

Now, if you are planning to buy gold bangles now, here are the best types that you want to know before buying. Read on to know more about top bangles jewelry: 

1. Traditional Bangles 

You must have seen these types of designer bangles in the jewelry boxes of your mother or grandmother. The designs and patterns are completely different than the modern design, but these won’t ever go outdated. It is true that traditional designs of bangles are heavy and the works are too complicated, but such bangles are a real antique piece. If you inherit such a jewelry piece from your mom or grandmom, you should consider yourself lucky. Simple traditional gold bangles are sleek in design. If you want those a bit heavy, you can go for stone-studded or ‘Meenakari’ bangles which are really gorgeous. Such bangles only look adorable with heavy saree or traditional attire. If you are buying your wedding jewelry, then buying a piece of the gold traditional bangle will be a great thing to do. It will be an asset for your lifetime. 

2. Antique Bangles 

The antique bangles are also quite in demand till date. Actually, such bangles are exclusive and only made if there is demand. Antique bangles are made by particular artisans of certain jewelry shops. So, you need to know which jewelry shops sell such exclusive items. There are often exhibitions of antique jewelry, including bangles, from where you can get antique rose gold bangle designs. The designs are really intricate and those are the epitome of class and sophistication. A pair of antique bangles in your collection can make you rich. Usually, such antique bangles are quite heavy as those are embedded with decorative stones, mirror works, and beads. Overall, such bangles are really an exclusive piece of jewelry in your collection. 

types gold bangles jewelry buy

3. Kadas 

Though ‘Kadas’ are available in varieties of meta, gold ‘kada’ is something you will adore. The style and patterns of ‘Kada’ are quite complicated. Another amazing thing about Kada is these bangles are always stone-studded. You can go to diamond-studded Kadas which are really happening. If not, then you can also choose semi-precious stones, like topaz, emerald, etc. You can buy kadas as per your dress for specific occasions. 

Buy Bangles - You'll Be Glad You Did!

So, these are the different types of bangles that you can buy now. Gold bangles can be expensive, but those can add extra volume to your collection of jewelry.

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