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For many people, Amsterdam is the weed capital of the world. If you're planning on going there, it pays to be ready.

Of course, we're talking about creating your custom weed-themed soundtrack. Needless to say, you're spoiled for choice. From Bob Marley to Amy Winehouse, the list of artists who sang about their love for ganja is endless.

Still, there are a few weed anthems everyone should hear at least once in their life. Not sure where to start? Here are top 10 songs about weed that always keep the party going. 

Top 10 Best Songs About Marijuana

10. "Mary Jane" (1978), Rick James

As evidenced by Chappelle's Show, Rick James' biggest love was cocaine. That said, he had a soft spot for marijuana as well. In his prime, he famously said that he didn't bother buying ounces of weed—he bought pounds.

To nobody's surprise, it was around this time that he came out with "Mary Jane." With its deft blend of pop and doo-wop, the track was an instant hit. During his live shows, James would often perform it surrounded by two huge fake joints.

9. "Brown Sugar" (1995), D'Angelo

Much like "Mary Jane," D'Angelo's debut single is at once comical and serious. The drums provide a funky beat, and the piano arrangement is haunting. Of course, D'Angelo's husky vocals are still the main attraction.

In fact, the song's quality can make you forget about the weed metaphor at its core. According to D'Angelo, that's how it's supposed to be. In a later interview, he said he wanted the listeners to come up with their own vision for the song.

8. "Sweet Leaf" (1971), Black Sabbath

Masters of Reality has no shortage of great tunes, and "Sweet Leaf" is the perfect opener. With lyrics such as "Straight people don't know what you're about," the song is one big weed endorsement. The sludgy riff makes it even better.

Also, remember that iconic cough at the start of the song? As it turns out, that was Tony Iommi's reaction to a particularly large hit. Since the tape was on, all band members agreed that the cough should stay in.

7. "Gin and Juice" (1994), Snoop Dogg

When you think of weed songs, you probably think of Snoop Dogg. After all, the man has spent his entire career aligning with reefer. He also made some great music in the process, with "Gin and Juice" being the prime example.

Unlike most songs on this list, "Gin and Juice" isn't all about weed. Rather, it's a convoluted tale of a house party in the hood. The point: no matter how bad you think you have it, some weed can make it all better.

6. "Addicted" (2006), Amy Winehouse

In "Addicted," Amy Winehouse taught us all a lesson about good manners. "When you smoke all my weed, man," she sang, "you gotta call the green man." That's not a topic many female pop stars would touch, but she made it work.

As Winehouse would later admit, weed was a major outlet for her addictive personality. Unfortunately, she would have been better off sticking with the magical plant. At the age of 27, she died of alcohol poisoning.

5. "Pass the Kouchie" (1982), Mighty Diamonds

Not sure what "kouchie" means? Well, it's Jamaican slang for a souped-up ganja pipe. The track was so popular that it became a hit twice, in England and Jamaica.

In 1982, Musical Youth recorded their own version of the song called "Pass the Dutchie." If you're wondering, a dutchie is a type of cooking pot. This cleaned-up cover led them to MTV success, but the Youths remained a one-hit-wonder.

4. "Hits from the Bong" (1993), Cypress Hill

This was a stoner anthem back in the day, and it's not hard to see why. For starters, it works as a bong user's manual. Among other things, we hear about why you should clean your screen and how not to spill your bong water.

Also, this was one of many songs built around a guitar loop from "Son of a Preacher Man." The resulting tune is effective at creating a warm, smoky aura around B-Real's pearls of wisdom. A great song from a great album.

3. "How High" (1999), Redman and Method Man

This was Meth and Red's first featured collaboration, and it made it immediately clear that they struck gold. As they trade verses back and forth, the chemistry on display is palpable. Eric Serman's production gives the track some muscle.

In 2001, "How High" featured prominently in the duo's stoner flick of the same name. Despite getting panned by critics, the film became a cult success. Meth and Red later remixed the song, but the original still reigns supreme.

2. "Kaya" (1978), Bob Marley

Though you may not believe it, the album Kaya came out a mere year after the seminal Exodus. Indeed, the two albums couldn't be more different. Where Exodus focused on faith and politics, Kaya was all about love and peace.

In Kaya's title track, the main vehicle for peace is good old weed. In fact, "kaya" is Jamaican slang for "herb." The album cut is an improvement on the original, as Marley's vocals are smoother and crisper.

1. "Legalize It" (1976), Peter Tosh

How could it have been anything else? In the '70s and '80s, weed had no greater reggae proponent than Peter Tosh. Honestly, who else would put himself smoking a pipe in a marijuana field on an album cover?

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the title track was so powerful. With its rebellious vibe and in-your-face lyrics, "Legalize It" is a roots reggae classic. As the years go on, its vision statement inches closer to reality as well.

More Hit Songs About Weed

Though these 10 songs are our top picks, there are plenty of others that are worthy of your time. After all, we haven't even mentioned the Beatles, Bob Dylan, De La Soul, or Outkast. Coded or not, songs about weed are here to stay. These high hits are always here for you when you are about to hit the reefer.

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