Tips On How To Become A Successful And Effective Physical Therapist

how to become successful physical therapist dpt career

Many people have this idea that being a physical therapist is an easy job. Some of them even think that it is all about giving patients a massage to make them feel better. In reality, being a physical therapist is one of the most challenging professions in the medical field. The job requires you to lift and move patients to help them regain their strength, balance, and function of certain parts of their body. 

Aside from facilitating regular physical therapy sessions, PTs are also required to handle paperwork including charting, reporting, and insurance monitoring. To sum it up, there are many things to do in a single day that can make the job overwhelming. However, there are strategies that you can implement to make your day smooth sailing and less stressful. Here are some tips. 

1. Take A Breather In Between Tasks 

Being a PT, there are days where you will be with lots of patients. This kind of scenario can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the end of the day. Having many things on your plate can put you at risk of making a mistake. Make it a point to be detailed and precise, especially when taking the medical history and creating a treatment plan for patients. Take a quick one-minute break between tasks to give your mind time to clear. Doing this will help you focus on the job, making you perform better. 

2. Take Time To Review Your Work 

If you handle five to ten patients in one shift, it is essential to pay attention to your treatment plan. There is a possibility that you could mix up their treatment plan and exercises which can compromise or delay their recovery. It is essential to double- check the type of activity that should be given and be specific regarding the number of repetitions. Make sure to properly document each chart to monitor the progress of each patient. 

3. Prepare A List Of Questions 

When you are about to gather a patient's medical history, you should ask the right questions. This will make the treatment process faster and more effective. For example, when a patient complains of severe pain in their lower back, the first question to ask is about their current occupation. Is it part of their job to carry heavy boxes? Do they have a desk job that requires them to sit all day long? How old is the patient? Do they have a regular exercise routine? Any history of back injuries, arthritis, slipped discs, etc.? 

Asking these types of questions is necessary to help find the right cure for the patient. Write down the questions so you will not miss out any essential details. 


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