How to Create the Perfect Radio Ad

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Radio is still an effective means of communication. Most stations have expanded their reach beyond AM and FM frequencies on the radio dial. Today they stream their programming on the internet and host live streams on social media platforms.

This extension of their reach is a win for advertisers if they have the capability to create dynamic ads. The increased visibility opens the door for different types of marketing concepts.

Reaching the largest audience possible is every company's goal. A radio ad is easily customized for the audience of a particular station. Whether the content is geared towards Country, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock or Top 40, you can use at least three advertising mediums.

Broadcast advertising, digital advertising, and brand integration can all be used in radio advertising today. Companies should see an increase in their return on investment by utilizing all three. 

Keep reading for ways to create the perfect ad.

Research the Best Radio Markets  

All radio stations are not created equally. It is important that you research the stations, understand the buying power of their audience, and the need for your product.

Let's face it, advertising denture grips may not find too many buyers on a station playing hottest music for teens.

You will also want to determine how far in terms of geographic location, you want to go. It is not necessary to stay in a local market if consumers can reach you via the internet.

Cater Your Radio Ads to the Audience

Diversity is important in marketing. With the right creativity, you and your team can create amazing ads that can cross cultures,  age groups, and other demographics.

Your budget will determine how far you can go. Learn how much a radio ad cost before creating ad sets. Broadcast companies sometimes own multiple stations in one area. This is a good thing when it comes to negotiating ad pricing. 

Most companies will offer a discount or other incentives if a brand runs ads on multiple stations. Learn more about the pros and cons of radio marketing in our Podcast and Marketing sections.

Understand Current Marketing Trends

Advancements in technology lead to constant changes in most areas. Marketing is at the top of the list. There are many ways you can utilize these trends in your radio ads.

Stations that also have an online presence can offer digital ads. These ads will appear on the station's website. A listener is required to watch or listen to an ad before the stations content will play.

Other trends include the use of social media. The radio station can incorporate your print media into their social media by referring listeners to your social channels. There they can see a flyer with more information about your product or service.

Make Use of Modern Audio Technology

Don't bore your audience to sleep. Radio ads require the audience to experience your ad by listening. Create ads that stray away from a monotone dialog. You want them to be multi-dimensional.

Engage the audience with sounds. If you are selling cars have an engine revving in the background or a horn blowing. Incorporate a song about riding or driving.

Ads geared towards children can have sounds of laughter or children playing. With today's technology, you can also create unique sounds and incorporate your own musical compositions. 

The goal is to have the listener feel what you are selling and create a visual in their imagination.

Schedule In-Person Marketing Opportunities

If your business is located in the same area as the radio station, schedule an in-person marketing opportunity. This is very common with celebrities and musical artists.

They run ads on local stations to promote upcoming events. The day before or the day of they will do a live appearance to discuss their project. Some will also host contests to give away tickets.

This practice is not limited to celebrities. It is also popular among local organizations to promote upcoming activities like festivals and fundraisers. 

Any business can do in-person marketing to advertise their business, product, or service.

Incorporate Product Placement

Product placement is another growing trend in marketing. To utilize it in your radio advertising you pay the show host to demonstrate the product. This can be done in different ways.

Stations that do live shows on the internet or social media strategically place the item where it is visible to the online audience. This includes placing an item at their desk with the label facing the camera. They also talk about the product so the audience knows it is a paid advertisement.

The show host could also wear clothing with your brand, or eat food from your restaurant while recommending it to their audience.

It is important to have product placement identified as such. The FCC can fine individuals and companies for not disclosing there is a financial agreement for the promotions.

Utilize Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is when you use someone's notoriety to promote your product. The influencer is typically someone who has a large social media following and is trusted by their following.

In radio, the influencer can be the radio host. The host will then pitch your product during their show and on their social media platforms. You can also have the host appear at your business and encourage their followers to come for a meet and greet.

Be prepared to generate sales leads from the foot traffic the influencer will draw.

Create the Perfect Sales Pitch

Whether in-person, online or on the radio, your advertising needs a dynamic sales pitch. Creating a radio ad script about your product is only part of the ad. Creating a call-to-action is the next step.

Unclear messaging and no directive will kill your ad. Make sure to always utilize the five Ws of marketing.

Are You Ready for Radio Marketing?

Radio ads and streaming commercials are an effective way to market your business. With increased reach, you can grow your brand quickly and earn increased revenue. 

Do you want to learn more about radio marketing? Keep reading our blog for advertising and marketing insight.

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