CBD Oil and Acne Treatment: What You Need to Know

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According to one study, about 1 in 7 Americans say that they use cannabidiol (CBD) oil. 

More and more people are starting to realize just how many benefits CBD offers, and more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon for its variety of health benefits.

New natural ways to fight acne are always welcome. New research evidence has popped up related to CBD oil and acne. Find out if CBD oil can treat acne here.

What Is CBD Oil?

If you're unfamiliar with what CBD is, it is not the same thing as marijuana. It comes from the plant, but it has non-psychotropic properties, so you won't get high from using it. 

CBD doesn't contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the mind-altering substance found in pot.

CBD can come in the form of an oil, an edible, pills, lotions, and so many more options. CBD offers so many benefits as well, one of which is helping to treat acne and other screen conditions.

Is It Legal?

Many people know that marijuana is not legal in most states, but what about CBD? 

Your safest bet is to check the laws in your state. Each state has different rules and regulations put in place, so that's the best answer from there. 

However, CBD is easier to obtain than marijuana, and because it has no mind-altering effects, it may be legal in more states than marijuana would be. 

Can CBD Treat Acne?

Acne occurs when the pores of your skin get clogged up with oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. 

To really cure your acne, you have to make sure that you keep your skin clean, free from bacteria, dirt, and oil, and trying to help your skin produce less of that oil.

Because of this, a lot of the research surrounding CBD and acne focus on seeing whether or not CBD can help control the amount of oil your skin produces. 

Some studies have shown that CBD does help reduce oil production. In addition to that, CBD also contains anti-inflammatory products that could help reduce some of the inflammation that is associated with acne. 

If you have acne anywhere other than your face, CBD oil could still help with that as well. CBD oil isn't just targeting the acne on your face; it will help deal with inflammation and the production of oil anywhere on your body. 

In fact, some skin care companies may even incorporate CBD into their soaps and lotions to help prevent acne. 

While there are some studies out there that have shown that CBD can help treat acne, there are still many more studies that need to be done as well. Because of the legality around CBD and marijuana, there haven't been many studies done. 

There could be even more healing properties that CBD offers that we don't even know about yet. 

How to Use It

Now that you know CBD oil can work for acne, you may be interested in trying it. But how do you even use it?

Well, there are all kinds of ways you can use it to treat your acne.  

If you have CBD oil, you can mix it with a carrier oil (like coconut, olive, or argan oil) and put it directly on your skin and the acne. 

If you didn't want to use just oil, there are many topical applications for CBD, like lotion, that you could use as well. Before you start applying one to your skin, you should read the ingredients to make sure that CBD is actually in it, and that there aren't any ingredients that would irritate your skin even more.

Before you apply it to your acne, test the lotion on a small part of your skin. If you don't break out from that, you should be fine to use it. After all, having acne is bad enough without combining it with a rash. 

If you didn't want to apply it topically, you could also take it orally as well. It may not as effective as putting it directly on your skin, but the anti-inflammatory properties will still be throughout your body and work to help reduce your acne. 

Possible Side Effects

As with any drug that you take, there is always the possibility of some side effects. Even with the most popular acne treatments, there could still be some bad side effects.

However, CBD is one of the safest things you could take, and the side effects aren't even that bad. 

Some common side effects include having diarrhea or constipation. Some people experience fatigue and changes to their appetite. These side effects are mostly found in people who take CBD orally instead of applying it topically. 

If you apply it topically, you could have an allergic reaction to it, but most of the popular side effects are experienced with taking it orally. 

If you notice that your skin starts to peel, itch, or swell after you've put on a product that contains CBD, make sure you wash that area with soap and water to get it off. After that, apply a cool compress to the irritated area to try and reduce the swelling.

If you do get this allergic reaction, make sure that you stop using it and talk with your doctor. 

Learn More About CBD Oil and Acne

CBD oil and acne actually pair really well together, and it could be the answer you're looking for to having healthy skin.

Acne can be really damaging to your self-esteem which can affect your quality of life. CBD oil will help you look and feel better, especially when combined with Botox for jaw reduction and face slimming.

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