Tips For Staying Healthy In Your Senior Years

how to stay healthy senior citizen age

Keeping Yourself Trim And Healthy 

You’ve likely heard it before, and tried to practice yourself, but it bears repeating: the key to your fullest human flourish is to eat the right foods and exercise regularly. This certainly becomes more difficult in later years. Over time the body starts to break down, and what you can eat will narrow considerably. However, there are ways to strengthen yourself. 

For example, you want to get rid of stress. Here’s the thing: the DNA of people is held together with a compound called telomerase. Telomerase makes up telomeres, which act sort of like the tape at the end of a shoestring does. They bind the DNA strands together. Over time telomerase wears away, and DNA is less integral. This is aging. 

Stress reduces telomerase, as does unhealthy living. You ideally want to eliminate as much stress from your life as possible. There is good and bad stress, though. For example, exercise in alignment with your body’s ability is good stress and is good for your health. But if you had to exercise on, say, a forced march, or to contend with an injury, that’s bad. 

Likewise, interpersonal interactions can be stressful. People say one thing, and those to whom they’re speaking hear another. Misunderstandings are common. These lead to quarrels, quarrels lead to grudges. Grudges act like a psychological, spiritual poison; an anchor pulling your soul down, casting your mind in the mire, and ultimately harming the body.

Shake Off The Chips 

You need to get rid of chips on your shoulders as best you can. This is easier said than done. Some slights have a person’s very identity built around them! That boss who initiated a chain of events which led you to dependent living, or that cheating spouse from your forties—all these things can lodge themselves in your mind and taint soul as well as body. 

Something else that can sideline your health is daily errors in communication. You’re likely going to lose some level of hearing over time. Accordingly, you won’t hear what people are saying, and you’ll have unnecessary frustration in basic communication. But there’s an easy solution: today’s hearing aids are better than ever. Psychologically, they will reduce stress and they can even help you relax. The cutting edge technology from Oticon allows you to connect them to your smartphone and stream your favorite music. 

Next, consider other chronic conditions. Smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, ignoring allergic reactions, injuries, skirmishes, accidents—these can all impact your sinuses. Many have tiny issues they leave unresolved, and those expand gradually over time until they’re serious threats to health. 

You can both determine what issues you’re dealing with and nip those issues in the bud which would otherwise seriously impact your health, through the right sinus doctor in Southern California.

Good And Bad Habits 

On that note, consider personal habits. As we age, interests narrow, and we tend to establish patterns. Patterns can be good or bad, depending on what they are. You need to eliminate any bad patterns from your day to day activities. Are you ensnared by computer devices? 

Reading is better if you must be sedentary; audiobooks if your sight is going, and music if that and hearing give you trouble—the right hearing aid can also be very useful in this context. 

Additionally, working with your hands will help you maintain their utility, and can even help you regain lost motion if you’re careful. Crocheting is a good skill to have, as is playing an instrument. Believe it or not, things like these can be integral to your health as a senior. 

Flourishing In The Golden Years 

We live in a modern age where eating natural foods and exercising regularly can make it possible—even expected—to reach a hundred years of age if you’re conscientious about it. Age is truly a state of mind, so clear yours and find yourself more healthy than you had been, and able to weather things that, before, you couldn’t imagine yourself overcoming.

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