How to Choose Full Spectrum CBD Oil Products

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The United States consumer sales for CBD are increasing exponentially. A few years ago, sales were only half a billion dollars, whereas, in 2022, they are projected to be $5.5 billion.

The word is out. CBD is in, and it's not just for show.

CBD oil boasts some fantastic benefits. It's packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it helps with many ailments and sicknesses, from epileptic seizures to trouble sleeping.

From full spectrum CBD oil to isolates to broad spectrum, there is a myriad of options to suit your needs.

Because of the different types and brands, it can be hard to determine what's best for you.

In this guide, you'll learn more about the amazing benefits of CBD and how to choose an excellent full spectrum CBD oil.

More About CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid that can be found in both hemp and marijuana plants. Both plants are part of the cannabis family. While the 2 plants may look and smell the same to the untrained eye, there are some key differences.

Both plants contain the psychedelic cannabinoid THC, though hemp contains such low concentrations of THC that it will never get you "high." This is the main reason why most farmers choose to grow hemp and extract CBD from the hemp plant.

What Are the Benefits of Using CBD?

CBD oil helps individuals naturally curb their anxieties. Without the need for prescribed medications that come with a multitude of side effects, a small dose of daily CBD has helped many patients manage their stress.

CBD has also helped many people with pain and trouble sleeping. The human body already has a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps to regulate a variety of functions, including appetite, sleep, pain, and immune system response.

CBD can help reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, which helps to reduce inflammation. Studies show that it may also help with sciatic nerve pain and arthritis.

In addition to the aforementioned conditions, CBD may be able to help with several other issues and sicknesses, such as:

  • Depression
  • Acne
  • Neurological disorders
  • Heart health
  • Diabetes prevention

What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

There are 3 different types of CBD oil. Not one is necessarily superior. Which one you choose depends on your needs.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD oil contains all the flavonoids, oils, and terpenes found in the hemp plant. Rather than using just one cannabinoid (like CBD or THC), full spectrum products include all the compounds in the plant.

Some people feel as though full spectrum oil is the best CBD oil for anxiety because it provides greater symptom relief, as all the cannabinoids work together towards a more therapeutic effect.

Even though the full spectrum contains THC, that concentration must be lower than 0.3% by federal law, so it still wouldn't contain enough THC to make you feel "high."

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum oils are almost identical to full spectrum, except that the THC is completely removed.

Many people opt for a broad spectrum CBD oil for pain or other ailments when they have jobs that require random drug testing. Even though the concentration of TCH is extremely low, if it shows up on a test, it could cost someone their job.


Isolates are the only pure CBD oil, as they are made by extracting the single cannabinoid CBD, with no other compounds attached.

The product is colorless and odorless, which is why many brands add flavor. The downside is that it's not the whole plant. But the upside is that there are absolutely no remnants of THC.

For more about the breakdown, the pros and cons, and examples of what different cannabinoids help alleviate, refer to more of our helpful CBD oil articles.

How to Choose the Right CBD Oil

If you don't have to worry about drug testing at work and you want to reap the benefits of the WHOLE PLANT, it's safe to say that the best CBD oil for you is one that is full spectrum.

There are many ways in which CBD is extracted, and not all of them are created equal. Some are purer than others, so if you're using CBD oil daily, you might want to make sure yours is as pure as it can be.

Supercritical CO₂ extraction is one of the best and also most expensive ways of extraction. Thus, the product might be a little more expensive, but you can have peace of mind knowing that it doesn't contain any toxins.

Olive oil and coconut can also be used for extraction without chemicals, but the process is less effective.

Any reputable full spectrum CBD oil manufacturer should clearly outline their method of manufacturing. If they don't, take a second thought before buying their product. Look for brands that use food-grade, organic hemp, and grow their plants in sustainable conditions.

When you first start using CBD, start with a lower concentration, and move up from there. That being said, if you find that one 500 mg bottle is cheaper than 2 250 mg bottles, you can always just lower your dosage.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Has Incredible Benefits

Full spectrum CBD oil is one of the best products to use because it offers the benefits of the entire plant. 

Cannabidiol can help with anxiety, depression, pain, acne, and a number of other medical conditions.

Just make sure that you start with a low dosage of CBD oil until you find what works for you.

And when you're researching full spectrum CBD oil brands and products, don't hesitate to ask questions! Any reputable manufacturer should be proud to share how they cultivate their product.

The best CBD products aren't cheap, but they're worth every penny.

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