Foods That Make Your Erection Stronger And Longer

foods make erection stronger longer nutrition fighting ED

There is a stereotype that when a man first has to deal with erectile dysfunction, they will have to cope with it for the rest of their lives from that moment. Luckily for men all over the world, this is just a myth. The reality is everyone suffers from erectile dysfunction at one time in their life and when it happens it doesn't mean you will have to kiss your sex life goodbye. Depending on what causes your impotence episode, you might be able to get stronger again by adjusting your lifestyle. Better sleep, less smoking and drinking, paired with a healthy diet, rich in aphrodisiacs, can do wonders for your penis. Here are the top foods for penis growth and fighting erectile dysfunction.


Coffee is blamed for many diseases and it is seen as making pretty much every illness worse. But when it comes to erektil dysfunktion, coffee is your best friend. Studies revealed that men who drink up to 3 cups of coffee per day are less likely to suffer from impotence. However, make sure you don't over do it, as lack of sleep is also a side effect of coffee and it is known to make you softer. 


Another testosterone booster is spinach, rich in iron, magnesium and folic acid. Folic acid deficiencies are linked to impotence, so you can add spinach to your regular diet, to make sure you don't lack important folic acid. 


Salmon is brain food and it is also penis food, because it is rich in vitamin D. This vitamin stimulates the production of the testosterone, which supports hard and strong erections. Moreover, salmon is also rich in Omega fatty acids, which supports a healthy body, keeping you away from cardiovascular disease. 


The Aztec name for the avocado tree is the testicle tree because it is known to boost lidibo in men. Avocados are rich in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, which support your cardiovascular system, as well as your hormone system. Zinc, found in avocado, stimulates the production of testosterone, boosting your desire to have sex. Vitamin E, also found in this fruit is known to improve the quality of your sperm, making the avocado perfect for men who want to conceive. 

Chili Peppers 

Hot, spicy food can make you hot and spicy in the bed as well. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which stimulates the blood flow, exactly what you need for a steaming sex session. Studies revealed that men who eat spicy food on regular basis have higher testosterone levels and strong libidos


Oats might not look or taste sexy, but they are rich in an amino acid L-arginine, which is often used to treat erectile dysfunction. The amino acid works by relaxing the blood vessels and allowing for more blood to reach your genitals and lead to a strong erection. 

Eat To Eradicate ED

Erectile dysfunction is caused by either psychological or physical reasons. If changing your diet and adjusting your position in bed doesn't work, you might want to address a doctor to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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