4 Top Zoos For Kids In The United States

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As an old expression goes, “Teach children to be kind to animals so that they will grow up being kind to people also.” Giving your kids the gift of being with animals inevitably teaches them compassion and sensitivity. Additionally, it's also a healthy and fun family activity where you'll be able to bond and enjoy along with them. Thankfully, there are zoos where you'll be able to take your children to see all kinds of animals, even those that aren't native to your location. 

More than simply seeing and learning about these animals from books and cages, take your experience one step further with these best zoos in the United States of America you want to visit at least once, particularly those that don't solely exhibit animals but permit guests to interact and pet these creatures. 

Top 4 Best-Ranked Zoos For Children In The U.S.

1. Brookfield Zoo, Illinois 

The Brookfield Zoo, which is also called the Chicago Zoological Park, is a 216- acre property within the Chicago suburbs of Brookfield. It presently homes over 450 species of various animals and is well- famed around the world for its style using ditches and moats for keeping the animals and tourists safe. other than the same old zoological fare you'd find, the Brookfield zoo offers distinctive treats for the entire family. See the Brick safari, where they feature around 40 life-sized animal models created from millions and innumerable Lego set pieces like giraffes, pangolins, and leopards dotting the timbered pathway. 

One amongst their most notable areas, however, is that the Hamill Family Play Zoo. an area covering a little over three acres, guests are treated to a range of activities together with the zoo animals. in a hollowed-out tree, children will try on animal-themed outfits. they can also get face painting sessions, create their own artworks, and of course pet animals. additionally, unfold throughout the family play zoo is “Zoo Chat,” where Animal Ambassadors answer your questions about the animals and their habitats. 

2. St. Louis Zoo, Missouri 

Often recognized as one of the country’s leading zoological facilities in terms of management, conservation, education, and research, St. Louis Zoo is amazingly attractive for parents for being both kid and budget-friendly. Admission to the general section of the zoo is free, with a lower fee for most of its special attractions like the on-site traveler trains. 

As for the must-see attractions, you should never miss the St. Louis zoo penguins. among one of the zoo sections named “The Wild” is that the penguin and puffin Coast. Humboldt penguins will greet you as you enter a cave where a variety of penguin species play area or swim within the surrounding waters. Following the penguins is Kali, the resident polar bear guests can get nose to nose with at the ice bear point. 

Aside from their locomotive traveler trains, they even have a fun feature exclusively for kids. inside the Emerson Children’s Zoo, kids can slide down a transparent tube passing directly through the river otter enclosure. Another zone in the facility is that the Historic Hill – home to the BirdHouse that features and conserves birds like eagles, hornbills, and owls. it's also home to the Flight Cage, still, one amongst the world’s largest birdcage ever designed. 

3. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, Pennsylvania 

What makes Pittsburgh Zoo quite rare is that in the U. S., there are only five different sites like it – a major zoo and fish tank together. It covers 77 hectares and has over 475 completely different species, as well as endangered species. 

Have a blast at the children's Kingdom by petting domesticated animals, following sea lions and fish through your underwater windows as they play and hunt. additionally watch your children feel one with nature with the wildlife trail and meet deer, river otters, and beavers. Moreover, let the kids know what it feels like burrowing underground for shelter and moving through tunnels, as meerkats in this exhibit. There are other animal yards where knowledgeable tour guides take you on while telling you tidbits about these animals’ lives and habits. 

The other half, the PPG Aquarium, is a two-story storage tank covering a part around 45,000 sq. feet. find out about and enjoy the various marine ecosystems existing around the world through their exhibits including a tropical rainforest with piranhas and arapaimas, a coral reef, the open ocean, and even the Pennsylvania exhibit that includes the local marine life of the Allegheny River. 

4. ZooTampa at Lowry Park, Florida 

Formerly called Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, this top-ranked state center for wildlife conservation and biodiversity is thought for its efforts to preserve totally different species of animals from around the globe. Also, this can be the primary zoological garden in the united states to own its own accredited preschool, thus parents will feel comfortable as they and their kids raise questions about the animals in the zoo. 

The safari Africa section offers an authentic African experience with huge acacia trees shading the section from a daylight. Take an actual safari tram ride around and witness patas monkeys and Martial eagles as well as species native to the continent – meerkats, reticulated giraffes, zebras, duikers, and southern white rhinoceroses. A treat for many children is the elevated platform tourists can climb to feed the giraffe. it's recently been expanded to currently include the Ituri forest, designed after an African river bank and features flamingos, storks, and hippopotamuses. 

From the safari, children will definitely enjoy a slice of the great Australian Outback. The Wallaroo Station is ZooTampa’s 4.5- acre space with that immersive and dedicated Australian feel. in this section, kids can brush the fur of goats and follow the trail and meet kangaroos and wallabies crossing their path. There are also Australian singing dogs, emus, cockatoos, and flying fox bats. For bats, take the Flying Bananas ride – an interactive experience in an indoor bat environment. A family rollercoaster is also offered as well as a splash play space for smaller children known as the Billabong – named when the Australian term for an oxbow lake.

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