Two Shangri La Casinos Received An Award

shangri la casino awards best hotel

One of the most prestigious awards of Georgia, Golden Brand was awarded to Tbilisi's Shangri La in the best casino nomination. Unit was awarded for the third time in a row. At the same time, Shangri La Minsk received another award, the Choice of the Year. This is unit’s 6th prize that emphasizes the high work level and the guests’ confidence. 

Golden Brand award in Georgia is issued by experts in accordance with the consumers’ decisions. The best brands are determined first by professionals, and only then they are evaluated by consumers. Golden Brand is supported by companies such as the Global Idea and The Financial. 

Selection is made in two phases. During the first phase, professors of higher educational institutions, top managers, business administration specialists, consulting group employees, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and experts in the economics field select the best nominees. As a result, two candidates are selected for each category. During the second selection action phase takes effect the consumers opinion. It is they who choose which of the two selected brands to call the gold of their field. 

Shangri La again named the best gaming establishments in Georgia due to the high service level and reputation. The award is a great achievement, since the requirements for a Golden Brand nominee are very high and it is quite difficult to meet them. 

The Choice of the Year in Belarus corresponds approximately to the value level of Golden Brand award in Georgia. Therefore, it is especially valuable that Shangri La Minsk is recognized by the Choice of the Year as the best casino in Minsk and Belarus in 2018. This is 6th casino’s award for 6 consecutive years. No other casino in Belarus has been honored with such a high honor. 

The Choice of the Year exists in Belarus for 17 years. The award organizers determine national leaders in various fields in different country markets. This applies not only to organizations but also to final products. 

Festivals International (USA) and the European Social Insurance Fund under the European Chamber of Commerce (Brussels, Belgium) are the organizers of the Choice of the Year. The award is launched to find the highest quality products and promote them in Belarus. 

Michael Boettcher’s Storm International company, which manages all units of Shangri La in 4 countries, honored and incredibly kind of award divisions in Georgia and Belarus. Darren Keane, Storm International Director, says that the company will not stop at what has been achieved, the work rules are constantly being improved so that guests feel even more comfortable in the brand casino. 

We note that the Shangri La casinos has existed for more than 25 years. The first one was opened in the nineties in Moscow. It worked until 2009, until the change in legislation in Russia and all casinos had to move in special zones. But in the end, Shangri La moved to other countries. Shangri La Yerevan was the first to open in 2008, then Shangri La Minsk started their work in 2009, a little later Tbilisi unit was opened; and Shangri La in Riga was the last to open, it is called SL Casino. This is one of the best casino in Riga

All units work in the VIP niche. They are located in separate buildings or in five-star hotels. The interior decoration is made with special chic but also with discreet luxury. The main goal is not to amaze guests with wealth, but to create a really pleasant environment for playing, communication and relaxing. All units are oriented not only towards local residents, but also towards foreign visitors, a respectable public that has its own high standards of entertainment. In all casinos, the staff speaks several languages; this is necessarily the official state language, as well as Russian and English.

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