10 Things to Sell Around Your House That's Worth A Lot

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Sadly, a recent survey revealed that about 40% of Americans would be unable to cover the cost of a $400 emergency expense using money from their savings accounts. This can put some people in a real bind when these kinds of expenses pop up.

Are you a mom who finds yourself in this scenario at the moment? If so, you might be wondering how in the world you're going to get your hands on the money you need.

One easy way to do it is by finding things to sell around your house. You might be surprised by how much money you can get selling things that are all around you every day.

Here are ten things you might have sitting in your home that could be worth a lot of money.

1. Clothing

Did you know that the average person throws out more than 80 pounds of clothing every year? Eighty pounds.

Rather than throwing out any old clothes that you don't want anymore, why not trying to sell them? You can do it by:

  • Holding a garage sale
  • Placing an ad online
  • Calling on a consignment store for help

There's a good chance that you have quite a few articles of clothing that you don't wear. Even if you only get $1 or $2 for each of them, they could help you make a ton of money in a short period of time.

2. Shoes

Do you have a shoe collection that's literally spilling out of your closet at this point? Shoes are other things to sell when you need to make money fast.

You can take the same approach to selling shoes that you would to selling clothes. Depending on what kinds of shoes you have in your collection, you might be able to bring in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in a hurry.

3. Books

The average American reads about 12 books every year. And while many of them get their books from the library, some also buy their books and then keep them on bookshelves when they're finished.

Are there bookshelves in your home that are overflowing right now thanks to your love for reading? Try to sell some of your books off to make room for new books and to generate some extra income this month.

You can always go back and re-buy books later if you feel like you really want to keep them in your home.

4. Exercise Equipment

Over the course of their lives, most people are going to spend more money trying to stay healthy and fit than they would spend on a college education. One 2018 study found that the average person will spend about $112,000 on health and fitness throughout their lives.

You've likely spent your fair share of money on exercise equipment for your home over the years. And unless you still use it all, now might be a great time to sell it off to someone who will put it to better use.

If you happen to have a treadmill or an exercise bike lying around, there is likely someone in your area who will pay good money for it. List it for sale online and see what kinds of offers you get for it.

5. Sports Equipment

Do you have old baseball bats out in your garage that your kids don't use anymore or old ski equipment up in your attic that you haven't touched since you had kids? These things could be worth more than you might think.

List them alongside your exercise equipment and see what you might be able to get for them. There is always a market for sports equipment since sports are some of the most popular recreational activities in the country.

6. Electronics

Selling the cell phone that you use every day or the computer that you rely on for work might not be an option. But how about getting rid of the tablet that you only use every now and then for shopping online?

Most people have dozens of electronics situated throughout their homes. Pick out the ones that you're not using on a daily basis and sell them for cash.

7. Video Games

Most of the video games on the market today sell for about $50. That's way more than many parents can afford to pay for them.

As a result, some parents are starting to buy secondhand video games to keep their kids happy without spending a fortune. If you have video games in your home that your kids don't play anymore, consider selling them to bring in a few extra bucks.

8. Toys

Studies have suggested that kids who don't have a lot of toys end up being more creative than those who have more toys than they can possibly play with.

If your kids have way too many toys at the moment, keep this in mind while you're selling some of the toys they don't use anymore. Your kids will still have plenty of toys left behind to play with, and it might be good to give them fewer options when it comes to toys.

9. Cars

Is there an old car sitting out in your driveway that you haven't used in a long time? You might not think it's worth a whole lot, but selling it could help you get the money you need in no time.

There are many people who will pay cash for junk cars these days. They'll make you an offer for your car and come and pick it up if you accept it.

10. Gift Cards

For more than a decade now, gift cards have been the most requested holiday gift in the country. Yet, Americans as a whole have more than $45 billion left on unused gift cards in their homes.

Look around for any gift cards that you might have shoved in the back of drawers. You can sell them for right around what they're worth and turn them into cash.

Find Things to Sell Around Your Home to Make Money Fast

Go take a walk around the inside of your home and make a note of anything that you might be able to sell. You'll be shocked by all the things to sell throughout your house.

Whether you choose to sell them all at once or sell them off one at a time, you can give yourself access to some much-needed money by taking either approach. You won't have to worry about how you're going to pay an unexpected bill when you sell things you already own.

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