Unusual Activities In Riga For Curious Travelers

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Art Nouveau style quarters in Riga are worth seeing in order to see something truly unique that you can see only here. Art Nouveau in Riga’s architecture can be found in two ways: quickly go to the Art Nouveau Museum in the New Center or devote a good half of a day to a stroll through a number of neighborhoods looking at the quaint facades and shapes of buildings. 

The Art Nouveau Museum as an apotheosis of style and, above all, an interior faithfully gives an idea of the era. At the same time, you can go to the very last floor of the building, where another small museum works, connected with both the style and the works of a local artists. The museum-apartment also shows the interiors of the era. 

A boat trip on the canal in Riga Latvia is entertainment that few people know about. One hour, one lap and new experience. The city channel passes through the center and small boats with tourists constantly ply through it. In addition to impressions from a walk along a small canal, tourists like to go to the “big water” when the boat leaves the wide Daugava River. The route has several stops in the city, and the trip starts from the Bastion Hill. 

The old town in Riga is known for its narrow medieval streets. On the one hand, it is very banal, but on the other hand, how can you leave Riga and not take photos in such interiors? Judging by the accumulation of local wedding photographers, one of the most popular streets for a photo souvenir will be Trokšņu iela. Rozena iela with a width of just over one meter may seem more atmospheric with the first mention in the XIV century and still shabby walls. So in one word, just look for your street in Riga and take a photo! 

Sherlock Holmes Street in Riga is a place without which no tour in Riga takes place. Jauniela Street today is a place for crowds of tourists in the old town, as well as a cluster of cafes and restaurants. The place has been known since the 16th century, but now tourists are attracted to the surroundings, in which the films “17 Moments of Spring” and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson” were made. 

Restaurants located on this street, have made their price tag a long time ago, due to high demand among tourists. And if in the guidebooks Jauniela is named as one of the most "cinematic" streets, than you can include this place for a quick walk in your route, because it is really the most "photographic" street for the fact that all the buildings on it, starting from the truly medieval ones, remained in a good condition. Taking a stroll along "London Baker Street" in Riga is a must! 

Be sure to find a cozy cafe to eat. There are a lot of such places in Riga. In the old town, everything is designed for tourists - the average budget for a good main course is about 20-25 euros. Of course, the upper boundaries are not indicated. The price tag is lower in the New Center and outside the tourist routes. 

Having run all day on different beautiful or original places, in the evening you want something special. And you can definitely find it in Riga! The city in Latvia has several dozen casinos. However, for a great vacation you should choose a VIP place where you can relax with royal luxury, enjoying the delicate attitude of the staff and playing popular games. The best casinos in Riga offer much more than just cards or slot machines. 

Here you will find the refined atmosphere, similar to popular American and European establishments. SL is worth a look - this is a Storm International unit, which offers Riga junket. The establishment is located in the historic building of the unique Grand Hotel Kempinski complex. Perhaps this is one of the places where you can feel yourself a real aristocrat. More than half of the guests are foreign connoisseurs of a good game. Some of the guests come precisely for the weekend junket tour in Riga. 

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