Things To Remember When Shopping For A Party Or A Special Occasion

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Fashion is something that comes from within. When we think of parties, we want to recreate the looks of our favorite starts on red carpet. But simply copying someone else is not going to cut it for you. 

You have to work on your individuality and personality, if you really want to look attractive in parties. Our dressing tips can help you get in the spotlight and dominate the fashion game at every event you attend. 

A Wedding Ceremony 

Red, white and black are just few of those colors that everyone can rock. However, when it comes to weddings, these colors might not work. Try to look for bright yet subtle colored dresses for women to appear chic, simple but classy. Don’t wear too shiny or sequined dresses; go for the elegant dresses that accentuate your best features. 

Complement your dress with minimal makeup and keep the elegance factor alive. Add a regal touch to your outfit with a fancy hairdo. Keep it simple and watch everyone vouch for you to be the best-dressed woman at the wedding

A Cocktail Party 

You don’t always need a sexy dress to crash a cocktail party. Do something different this time. Don’t follow the herd. Try other options that no one has explored yet. Keep it casual by pairing a plain white t-shirt with a pencil skirt. You can add an appeal to your outfit by pairing a blouse with a pair of trousers with stilettos. However, don’t go for the looks that are too simple for a party. Don’t style ordinary fabrics including denim. Choose from metallic colors and complete your cocktail party dress by pairing it with a wine-colored pencil maxi dress. Add a statement neckpiece or a pair of long chunky earrings to adorn your party outfit. 

A Dinner Party

Before attending a dinner party, it is always advised to ask the host which look is welcomed, a casual one or something more elegant. You can complete the party vibe by adding a pair of studs. Choose footwear that goes with your outfit. It can be anything from heels to a bright- colored pair of pumps. If you aren’t carrying any jewelry, wear a scarf around your neck. The majority of the time, dinner parties are more of a private affair. So try to keep it rather subtle. If you want to give your outfit an edge, you can add pashmina shawls or stalls with your basic outfit. 

Official Dinners 

You cannot wear your nine to five looks at an official dinner. You need to put a little more effort to break the monotony and steal the spotlight at a corporate event. You need to go with an outfit that makes you look chic yet professional. While attending a corporate dinner, you can pair dress pants with refined pullovers and sweaters. Throwing a coat over can help you get through those chilly nights. 

If you are heading off to a party straight from work, you can cover your party dress with a dull shade layer. You can even bring some Georgette or chiffon ruffled shirts and a pair of metallic heels to easily transform work dress into a party outfit. 

If you are too lazy to do all that, you can accessorize your work outfit with bolder jewelry including pearls or thick neckbands. A little tweak in your day to day outfit can make you look entirely different and all set to attend a corporate dinner party. 

Club Parties

Club parties are something we all long for the entire week. During the weekends, all we want is to forget our lame jobs and slide into a hangover. To make the most out of your time at the club, you need something flowy and comfortable to wear. To complete your laid back party vibe, go for a comfortable dress and pair it with sneakers. If you want to go for a more chic look, wear a pair of heels instead of sneakers. Accessorize your outfit with hoop earrings and add to the playful vibe. Follow these simple tips to own the dance floor.

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