7 Frugal Camping Tips For Beginners And Experts

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Camping is a nice choice for vacations because you can get close to nature and strengthen your relationships. Many people are getting ready to camp for the first time on the beach, waterfall towns or in the mountain. We prepared this post with some essential tips for you to go camping for the first time, and fall in love with the experience of spending a few days in contact with nature. 

Compatible Tent 

Obviously, the first important item is to have a tent in size compatible with the number of people who will use it. We have written here several tips for choosing the best tent for each traveler profile. 

Even if you have just bought the tent, before setting out on your adventure, make sure all items are in the bag: the tent, the pegs, the rods, the cape. If any of the items are missing, your tent assembly will be compromised and you may spend a bit of those on camping. 

Canvas - Synonymous With Comfort! 

The husband and I always carry two tarps in our camping kit, so we can use one under the tent (which acts as a waterproof and entryway to leave the tennis, slipper, etc.) and one above, tied to trees, to make a shadow. If you have only one, evaluate where you will be camping and the weather condition. If it is sunny and there are no trees in the campsite, use the tarpaulin to shade it. 

Sleeping Bag Or Mattress 

So much depends on your requirement for sleeping comfort! In addition to the tent, you need a minimally soft surface to lie on and there are some options to suit your profile. 

The most practical of all is the lightweight sleeping bag that is wrapped in a bag. The mat is also relatively practical and cuddly, but not super comfortable. Already the inflatable mattress is super comfortable (if not punctured), but a trick. 

Who really wants to experience the universe of camping, needs to prepare their meals there in the area of ​​the tent and eat there! Even if you choose to dine at the camping bar, there is always a coffee, snacks, beer that ask for a table. 

In specialty stores, you will find kits with practical tables and folding chairs, but if you need to choose to save, give preference to the table, because you probably will have some plastic chairs to borrow from the campsite. 

Your Phone Is Not That Reliable 

Whether you are going to camp in the park of a big city or for primitive camping in the mountain, it is essential to carry personal GPS trackers for you and your team members because your phone may be out of cell service coverage. With personal tracking devices, everyone can share real-time location on the phone app even when there’s no cellular service. 

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If you encounter an emergency, you can send SOS signals to others without cell service. GoFindMe is one of the best GPS tracking devices for personal use. The battery lasts as long as 72 hours, and tracking range can reach up to 5 kilometers. Besides, there’ s no monthly subscription fee for this tracking device. 

Gas Stove Is Recommended 

To prepare for an unforgettable camping trip, you will need a cooking pot, a stove and a gas canister. After all, you can't trust the ability to cook at the stake, right? 

There are super small and practical stoves to use. You can prepare unforgettable pasta with tuna, sausage and even a rice, egg and other things! Do not forget to bring a kit with plate, fork, knife, spoon and glass. If it's plastic, even better! 

Repellent, Sunscreen And Toilet Paper 

Whether in the countryside or on the beach, mosquitoes and cracking sun cannot spoil your camping experience! Also, you can't count on toilet paper in campground bathrooms. 

So if you have to prioritize hygiene and personal care items in your bag, choose sunscreen, repellent (don't forget it !!) and toilet paper. Plus, having soap, shampoo, cream and a dishwashing detergent pot is a good idea. 

Extra Ropes And Stakes - Prevention Is Better Than A Cure 

To be even more of a camping ninja, you may want to bring an extra stake and rope kit, as someone may need you or even you to better secure your tent or tarp at the campsite. 

With these frugal camper tips, we are sure your camping experience will be good and the desire to repeat will surely appear!

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