Great CBD Business Marketing Tips And Strategies To Drive In Customers

cbd business marketing tips cannabidiol oil advertising strategies drive customers

CBD is becoming big business in the US with its recent annual revenue hitting over around 5 billion dollars. Mind you, that number is held back by conflicting marijuana rules between the federal and state governments. If a liberal regime were to move into federal power and legalized marijuana country-wide, CBD's market would explode.

While the prospect of wider cultural and legal acceptance of CBD and its related entities are something to look forward to, smart CBD organizations aren't waiting for the world to change to make bold moves. They're figuring out ways to up their CBD business marketing tactics now to make the most of the current market.

Is upping your CBD marketing game at the top of your to-do list? If it is, keep reading for five tips on how you can do just that.

1. Get a Website / Whip It Into Shape

If you have a consumer-facing business and don't have a website, you're missing out on a massive share of the market. eCommerce accounts for over 13% of all consumer sales and that number continues to scale as companies overhaul their logistics services to provide more immediacy to buyers.

If you already have a website, ensure that it's fast and easy to use. Building your website through engines like WordPress makes doing that easy. You can also test your website's overall optimization with free tools like Google's PageSpeed Insights.

2. Start Leveraging the Power of Email

Email marketing is a proven means of getting into contact with customers and driving sales. It's also easy to do and in some cases, free to execute depending on the size of your customer base.

We recommend getting started with email marketing via simple tools like MailChimp. If you outgrow that platform, more robust tools exist like Constant Contact, iContact, HubSpot, and Drip.

3. Get Into Content Marketing

What good is a fast website and an email marketing funnel if nobody ever visits you online? No good at all!

To get traffic to your website so you can effectively execute your broader CBD business marketing strategies, consider diving into content marketing which is free and effective if you execute well. A key component of a successful content marketing campaign is in-depth knowledge of SEO which you can learn more about here.

4. Get Your Team Involved

The more hands that you have helping with your CBD business marketing efforts, the more success you'll find. To that end, consider cluing in your team on what you're trying to do on the marketing end to see if they can help.

Perhaps they can post about your business on social and in return, get a portion of sales that they help generate.

Corporate training trends are dictating the progressive implementation of marketing basics into employee education so everybody working on a team has the skills necessary to push products.

5. Understand Your Customers

All of the marketing tactics in the world are useless for your CBD oil company if you don't understand who your customer is.

Who buys from you? What do they want most in the world?

Knowing those things allows you to create tailored marketing messages that speak directly to your key consumer. With those messages, you'll see much higher conversion rates when compared to generalized marketing approaches.

CBD Business Marketing Comes Down to Mastering Digital and Your Consumers

If you know who your customer is and you have a strong digital presence, you can bet that you'll be well-positioned to carry out cheap and effective CBD business marketing this year. We hope that our tips help you achieve that end.

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