How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business: An Easy Guide to Success

how to start a commercial cleaning business

You can never go wrong with commercial cleaning services because they are needed everywhere. The cleaning industry is in very high demand, as there is a great need for this service. 

Commercial premises, offices, and even the streets need the services of commercial cleaners. Learn how to start a commercial cleaning business here.

Formulate a Business Plan

If you're starting a new business, it is important to come up with a good business plan. You should seek the services of a professional to help you come up with a solid and functional business plan. A business plan contains an overview of the intended company, how to get customers, and the services you'll offer.

It should also highlight your financial information and all your business goals. If you plan on getting a business loan, you should present your plan to lenders and financial institutions for review. Your plan should always be your point of reference in anything you do for the business.

Get a Legal Entity

In what category is your business going to fall under? Is it a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation? The option you choose among these three will depend on your financial capabilities. It will also depend on your ability to follow all legal requirements that come with a certain entity.

For small business owners, starting a commercial cleaning business as a sole proprietorship or a partnership is the right option. This is because it will not have complicated regulations and will not involve too much startup finances.

Get a Business Name

Your customers are supposed to identify your business by name. You also need a name to legally register your business, get a license, and an insurance cover. Don't overthink too much about the name of your business. It is not supposed to be something too complicated or very unique.

Your business name should just describe your business and enable your customers to find you and communicate with you. The name you get for your business should also depend on its legal entity.

Get Insurance

You will need to get an insurance cover for your commercial cleaning business. You need insurance for you, your employees and your customers. This will be able to cover you in case of accidents at work or something breaks in the line of duty.

If you don't get the covers, you will be liable for any accidents or injury which might be too costly for your business. You should also get workers' compensation insurance coverage for your employees. Also, get bonded to protect you from employee theft.

Licensing and Permits

Different states have different licensing and permit requirements for different types of businesses. You should check with the state, city, or county in which your commercial cleaning business is going to operate to understand all the permits and licenses that you'll need.

A license is very important because otherwise, you will be operating your commercial cleaning business illegally. Understand everything to do with licensing and permits to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law. 

Purchase the Equipment

You can't run an office cleaning business without the right equipment. Purchase the right equipment for your cleaning business. 

Make sure you buy powerful and effective cleaning equipment and solutions to do perfect work. Go for a variety of cleaning items to cover the various needs of your customers. Buy modern equipment so that you don't have to replace them before they can serve you enough.

Understand if your customers have some kinds of allergies or sensitivities so that you know the right cleaning products to buy. Others may need you to use natural products. 

Even if you're going to be street sweepers, you will still need the best equipment to make the work easier and impress your clients.

Set the Working Rates

Before you officially start providing cleaning services, you need to set the rates. Cleaning rates may vary with location and the type of services. Just make sure you don't overcharge your customers or charge very low rates that might hurt your business profit-wise.

Check the rates that other commercial cleaners are charging and use it to set yours. Also, look at the competition in that location, the size of the residential area, and the condition of the area to be cleaned. The charges might not be fixed for every client because every commercial area is different.

Market Your Business

Once you learn how to start a cleaning business, you need to learn how to acquire clients by getting the word out there. When your business is just starting, you need to go to your clients before they can start coming to you. Market your business to them and let them know the kind of services you provide.

You should start with offline marketing, where you use your friends and family to get the word out there. They should be your first customers and then use them to invite other clients on board. Offer coupons and loyalty program to your first clients to entice them into coming back and inviting others.

Once your business is up and running, and you have a few local customers onboard, it is time to expand your reach and target a wider customer base. Consider establishing an online presence because most of your customers will search you on the web. Have a good website and social media accounts to interact better with your customers.

You Know How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business: What Next?

It's not how to start a commercial cleaning business that matters, how you run it is a significant factor that will determine whether you'll stay in business or fall out. Always understand that your customers are your business assets. Their satisfaction should be your priority.

If you provide quality services, adhere to legal regulations, and market your business constantly, nothing will work against you. 

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