Is It Better To Eat Protein Before Or After Your Workout?

should i eat protein before or after workout

We know that protein plays the most important role when you are looking to build muscles. That doesn’t mean you should ignore all the other micro or macro nutrients. A balanced diet is important to keep your body healthy. 

It is important to know what you are eating before (pre workout supplement) and after (post workout supplement) the exercise. 

Let’s discuss basic rules about when to have protein meals so that you can get the most out of your diet and exercise. 

Calculate Your Daily Protein Requirements 

Yet again, it is emphasized that building a diet plan solely based on high-protein food items is actually counter-productive. Your body only needs one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. Thus, by doing the simple calculation, you can assess your daily protein needs. 

Moreover, you must be mindful of the times at which you are taking your meals. Thus, will not only allow enough time for proper digestion, before and after working out – but it will also help your body metabolize the nutrients more effectively. And you will not even face the pain of hunger pangs or suppressed appetite. 

Eat A Meal High In Carbohydrates And Protein Before Working Out 

Working out on an empty stomach is most likely going to make you feel nauseated, anxious and light-headed. You need to pre-fuel before starting any high-intensity workout. That is why is it necessary that you eat two to three hours before hitting the gym. The high carbohydrate content of your meal will provide you with instant energy required for longer strenuous exercises. Whereas, the initial dose of protein will prevent muscle wasting. 

When you are working out for extended periods, your body tends to use up these macronutrients to dispense energy. Thus, carbohydrates serve as an instant energy source. Especially, if you already have a low-fat content and are working towards building muscle mass. The high carbohydrate meal will protect your body from consuming the stored protein to dispense additional energy – thus, prevent muscle wasting and making your exercises more effective. 

But you are planning on losing weight, then replace refined carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates and take a meal with high protein content. This will help you sustain longer periods of work out without feeling weak or experiencing cramps while working out. 

Great sources of pre-workout protein snacks and meals include Greek yogurt, a slice of turkey or chicken breast, a handful of nuts, hard-boiled eggs or soy milk. But be careful about the timing so that you do not upset your stomach. 

Refrain From Drinking High Protein Shakes Post-Workout 

Often people tend to go overboard with their protein shakes and smoothies right after a strenuous workout. You might fool yourself into thinking that it is a healthy option and will help with faster muscle recovery – but your body only needs a fixed amount of proteins. Exceeding your protein requirements by having additional smoothies and shakes after exercising can be damaging to your kidneys in the long run. Since the additional proteins require your kidneys to work harder. That is why be very mindful of your protein intake. It is better if you consume protein in a proper meal, at least forty-five minutes after working out. You may take a protein shake if you need to meet your daily requirements. But it is better if you consume a proper meal containing animal or plant-based protein powder, tuna, salmon, cottage cheese or chicken. 

Timing Your Protein Intake Can Help Build Muscle 

If you are consuming high protein content before your workouts, you will be able to give it an ample amount of time for digestion. This way, after your workout, your body would have formed enough amino acids to help with the muscle repair process. Amino acids are the most basic form of complex proteins that are broken down and absorbed by your body. These are then taken up from the bloodstream and are made instantly available for a faster recovery of your strained muscles. 

Final Thoughts On Protein Power

In conclusion, it is imperative that you consume protein according to your daily requirement. And you must have a protein-packed meal before exercising so that your body can effectively help you with the healing process post-workout. Furthermore, stay hydrated to prevent cramps and toxicity.

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