4 Tech Tools To Grow Your Business Brand

tech tools grow your brand business branding

As we get deeper into the digital age in an increasingly competitive global environment, are you looking for new ways to grow your brand? We can't think of a more fruitful endeavor! But, the truth is, businesses are like a marriage. When communication and financial woes enter the scene, things become a tad bit trickier. As such, we've compiled a shortlist of our top 4 must-haves when it comes to business growth. One deals with that pesky little red line; the other two deal with almighty communication.  

4 Top Tech Tools For Better Branding

1. Quickbooks 

Without the finances, no one can create or support a business. Quickbooks takes the head-scratching matter of finances down to an everyday ordeal. The simple act of creating an invoice becomes a matter of basic data entry. Then, all your invoices are tracked for you, so you don't have to keep a personal record of who to follow up with. 

Quickbooks also helps you create a cash flow forecast. It is a spreadsheet that is, again, been simplified for the "everyday man." It helps you predict your future cash flow based on clients and ongoing projects. Best of all, as you are tracking every penny that comes in and out, Quickbooks is working behind the scenes to create tax documents. It integrates seamlessly into your own tax preparation software or houses all the details so that you can conveniently hand them over to your tax guy. 

2. Slack 

Money woes are a heavy burden, as are communication breakdowns. If you can't get a hold of important team members right when you need them, deadlines can slip and mistakes can be made. 

Slack removes the uncertainty that comes with sending an email within your business. Will it get lost in their inbox along with hundreds of other company messages? Will they read it, but start to do something else and move on without responding? 

And it is much, much more than a basic chat app. Slack allows you to set up dedicated channels. You can create one for each client or one for each of your teams. Also, it has some really cool integrations. It can pull in blog RSS feeds, notify you of your Google alerts, chat with customers from your site, and more. 

3. Hootsuite 

How could we close out an article on growth marketing without discussing social media marketing (SMM)? If you are having trouble ramping up your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, then the first thing you have to do is find a way to manage them on one platform. 

Hootsuite gathers all your data across each platform, measures your ROI, manages ads, schedules content, monitors your keyword selection, and more. 

You can also create and schedule bulk content, instead of having to post across each platform daily. A platform but Hootsuite is an absolute no-brainer in this age of social media. 

4. Winmo 

Did you know that AI can tell you all about your prospect? It is actually eerily accurate. Winmo’s personality insights allow you to get to know prospects in just 15 seconds. Their customers are seeing response rates double just by approaching marketing budget-owners with tailored outreach that strikes the right chord. AI personality insights will help you navigate landmines that will turn customers or leads off in the sales process. If you are getting ghosted, now is the time to try something new with Winmo.

Grow Your Business Brand Bigger And Better 

The best way to grow your brand intelligently is to allow technology to be your assistant. It pairs lightning-fast effectiveness with order and control. For more free tech tools to grow your business and entertainment library, check out the top torrents for free downloads.

Top Tech Tools Conclusion

At the Frugal Finance Blog, we want to see you grow your business with fewer headaches and greater financial success. As you continue to wheel and deal, boost your social media presence, and track your financial growth, we hope you will keep coming back to visit our site! It is continually being updated, with your technological success in mind.

Grow your business brand bigger and better than ever! These top technology tools will help.

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