5 Affordable Small Business Security Systems

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Having adequate business security is essential in this day and age.

Indeed, we live in a world where robberies are rampant. Cargo theft alone could be a $30 billion problem in the US. Add to that the theft of warehouses and shop floors and you get a sense of the struggle.

Small business security systems can make a vital difference.

The right system can be of both practical and emotional support. Your valuable equipment and inventory are kept safe; you can feel safer at work and go home with greater peace of mind too.

The trick is finding a security system that does the job without breaking the bank. After all, these systems aren’t always cheap.

We want to help. Looking for a quality means of securing your business that’s both functional and affordable?

Keep reading to discover 5 security systems perfect for SMBs.

1. SimpliSafe

Few security options offer as much as SimpliSafe for the money they charge.

Let’s start with the financial side of things.

SimpliSafe offers a standard and interactive plan costing $14.99 and $24.99 per month, respectively. That’s probably a fraction of what you pay for your phone bill each month! The fact that you can secure your business for that fee is a major positive.

There’s no fee to get set up, and installation can be done by yourself for zero cost. Even better, you can cancel whenever you want at no extra cost.

You’ll enjoy 24/7 professional live-monitoring security and can purchase all sorts of handy hardware to suit your needs. The base station is a pre-requisite for the service, which costs $114.99.

From there, you can add sensors that detect entry, motion, and glass-breaks, to name a few. Keypads and fobs to enjoy the benefits of access control are available too.

You can monitor everything yourself via a mobile app.

2. Adobe

Want a security system without the need for professional support?

Adobe could be the best option for you.

Again, let’s start with the price. You’ve got two plans to choose between: a ‘connect’ and ‘secure’ plan that cost $3.30 or $8.30 per month, respectively. You could also pay per year, in which case you’d fork out $40 or $100 for 12 months of security at your SMB.

We think you’d agree with how affordable that is! Indeed, you’ll struggle to find anything cheaper. Note that you don’t get professionals monitoring the system with the ‘connect’ plan though.

Multiple hardware options are put at your disposal, which you pay for separately. You’d need the Gateway/iota device as the foundation of the system. Get that in a comprehensive kit for under $300.

Install it yourself, check your security cams from anywhere, and link the system up with any other smart home devices you use as well.

3. Frontpoint

Frontpoint offers another self-install security system for your SMB.

However, don’t be put off by that. A quality customer service team is there at all times to help out if you run into trouble. In fact, this company is known for its customer care, so you’ll be in good hands if you ever need any help.

Go for Frontpoint and you’ll commit yourself to a 1 or 3-year contract, costing $35 to $50, depending on the package you choose. You’ll pay an ‘activation fee’ too. It’s a one-time thing but it will set you back just under $200.

With the costs covered, you’ll have a wireless system in place to protect your business from wrong-doers. Sensors on entryways will tell you when somebody breaks-in; sensors detecting motion, glass-breaks and garage entry are all available.

Added bonuses include potential notifications for carbon monoxide leaks, smoke, temperature trouble, and more. That’s good news when you’re wanting security against more than just intruders!

You’ll enjoy remote access as well as constant professional monitoring. Again, you’ll need to pay for all hardware separately.

4. ADT

Okay, it’s time for a more expensive option.

ADT is one of the best-respected security companies in the country. You’ll pay for the privilege but benefit from quality all-round support. Everything from the customer service to the package features will be of premium quality.

Let’s talk numbers though.

You’ll feel the pinch with a basic $400 fee for the system, s $399 fee for professional installation, plus a circa $58 monthly fee for the ongoing service. We say ‘circa’ because your business will be given a custom quote by the ADT.

At the end of the day, no two businesses require the exact same security. Thus, ADT works with each on an individual basis, ascribing costs accordingly.

You get what you pay for though. Expect high-quality at every turn, with handy features like a key-fob system and hardwired system.

5. Vivint Smart Home

Work from home?

Well, Vivint might be the security system for you.

It’s another high-quality options with a bunch of useful automation. Essentially, though, it’s designed for a house! By keeping your home secure, the idea is that your business will be protected too.

Everything from smart door locks and garage door controllers to doorbell cameras can be installed and used to good effect. You can also link security up with your other smart devices, such as your lightbulbs and thermostats. Simply log in to your smartphone and control everything from there.

You can also monitor the video live (and remotely), and communicate via the control panel if you so desire / require.

The features are tech with Vivint are second-to-none. Unfortunately, though, you’re tied into lengthy contracts versus other options on this list. Thankfully, the price isn’t bad. You pay $39.99 per month with an extra $5 each month for each camera you install.

Look Into These Small Business Security Systems

There are no two ways about it:

Businesses in the 21st century require high-quality small business security systems.

Fail to install one and you leave your business open to all sorts of trouble. With a system in place, you’ll feel safer and sleep sounder.

Hopefully, this post has provided a selection of options that will balance your need for affordability and functionality.

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