Warehouse Equipment List: 5 Things Every Warehouse Needs

business warehouse equipment list

How many times have you walked into a large warehouse space and asked yourself, "Now where in the world did I put that?".

If that sounds familiar, it's time to get organized with our essential warehouse equipment list. Whether you're first setting up an industrial warehouse, or you're looking to refresh an older one, these must-have warehouse tools and equipment will ensure streamlined processes and professional level organization. 

You'll find thousands if not millions of options for each of these, so keep in mind that everything will need to be specific to the goals of your warehouse. 

Keep reading for these five must-have items for your business warehouse. 

1. Storage Racks

Storage racks and shelves are probably one of the first items to come to mind when thinking about your warehouse equipment list. 

Racks are essential for storing large materials for easy access. Warehouse rack installation for industrial size shelves is a big process, but if it's done properly, they'll last you ages. 

2. Storage Bins

The next thing on your warehouse equipment list should be storage bins. Ideally, purchase several sizes in order to accommodate various materials. Not only are storage bins ideal for storage, but they're also useful for transportation and shipping.

3. Lift Equipment

If you're managing an industrial size warehouse, lift equipment is a must-have warehouse item.

There are several types of lifts to consider, from narrow aisle trucks to rough terrain or electric-powered vehicles. Consider the work you expect the lift to be doing. You might need several narrow aisle lifts but only one pallet lift.

4. Dock Equipment 

If you're sending or receiving large or heavy items (basically anything you can't pick up and lift yourself) a dock will make transportation to and from the warehouse much more manageable. 

Consider purchasing a movable dock ramp that will fit over a set of stairs and another that will make truck loading doable.

Again, the type of dock completely depends on how you are moving items in and out of your warehouse.

5. Conveyer

If you're frequently moving smaller items in and out of your facility, a conveyor can significantly speed up the process. Flexible conveyors are a great investment as you won't need a single run of straight space in which to put it.

Bonus: Packing Materials

Most of us have been in a situation where we run around looking for a box or a roll of tape. Stay on top of your packing materials to be prepared for any shipments.

Tape, boxes, scales, protectants for fragile items, and even a designated packing table and shelf will make processes more streamlined in your warehouse. 

Supply Your Warehouse Equipment List Today

Ready to put together a more efficient warehouse? Use our complete equipment list above and you'll be well on your way toward running an efficient warehouse. 

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