Types Of Neck Pains

types of neck pains

Stiff Neck 

It is amazing how ignorant we can get over things that matter, yet if you fret over every little thing, you might restrain yourself from living. Ever had a stiff neck and could not make those abrupt turns? You had to turn your whole body to look at someone or something behind you? The neck forms an integral part of our bodies and an ailment on it could change the way to live your life. The neck joins the head to the body and forms part of the spinal cord. The spinal cord helps to make our posture upright and connects all the nerves of our body to the brain. That's how important your neck is if you didn't realize it before. Dr. Bart Gatz of Greenacres knows all about neck pain and wakes up every day of his life to ensure patients get relief when they need it most. Neck pain manifests based on the source and cause of the pain. 

Stiffness And Actual Pain 

Neck pains may manifest from the sides or middle of the neck to the upper chest or shoulder. It may also extend to the arms and make you feel weakness. The neck pains may cause stiffness from long hours of sitting and result in difficulty turning. If this kind of pain manifests, especially over a short window period, it could serve as a sign of polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR). The muscles affected inflame, and it affects the elderly more than the youth. In case you experience such symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. 

Tingly Feeling 

The neck connects the spinal cord to the brain. The nerves in the spinal cord around the neck area may receive pressure from muscle, tissue or bones. The stress manifests in the form of a tingly feeling, numbness or needle-like pains. It moves through to the arm and the tip of your fingers. The sensation resolves itself on most occasions, although if it persists over several days, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. 

The Clicking Neck 

Do you feel a grating noise on your neck when you move? Those are bones and tissues rubbing on each other or air bubbles around your neck area popping. This condition referred to as crepitus becomes nerve cracking, especially at night. Although it is common even in other joint areas on our bodies, the neck area makes them significant due to proximity with our ears. Don't fret though; it is not that alarming; it will clear itself. 

Fainting And Dizziness 

Sometimes you can make neck movements that result in experiences of dizziness and even fainting. It suggests that a major artery was pinched with bones or other tissue thus obstructing blood flow. Arteries form major blood vessels in our bodies, and lack of blood flow in such a fundamental vessel causes major body upsets. Fainting does not necessarily occur from this neck pain; therefore, consult a doctor for repeated blackouts. 

Muscle Twitching 

Muscle twitches occur in various parts of the body for multiple reasons including lack of mineral. The spasms on the neck may cause sharp pains and severe discomfort. The pain is temporal and stretches for a few hours or days. Using pain killers and neck muscle exercise assist with correcting the defect. Applying ice on the affected area has a soothing effect. If you experience severe neck pains, consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis. 

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