3 Effective Ways That Going To The Gym Can Help Lose Weight

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Going to the gym may not always be the first thing that comes to mind when you're planning to lose weight, but it's high time to change this mindset. 

Weight training may not always mean weight loss, but your gym sessions are sure to help you eliminate a significant amount of fat and calories. Think about this; weight lifting will help you lose by up to 266 calories. When you run on a treadmill at 6 mph, you lose up to 888 calories. Combine these with low-impact aerobics and you will lose up to 488 calories more. 

Since you can do all these in a gym and within one session, you're sure to see changes in your weight, health, and fitness. 

It also helps that you have access to a trainer in a gym, someone to guide you with your workout routine or to show you the ropes if you are a beginner. 

Why Do You Effectively Lose Weight When You Go To The gym? 

Gyms Sessions Help Increase Oxidative Capacity 

It seems that weight training is a far cry from being synonymous with weight loss. However, science proves that regular gym sessions and resistance training can increase oxidative capacity. 

In simple terms, oxidative capacity is your body's ability to use oxygen. The importance of this and weight loss is paramount. 

As Jimmi Caan, Temple Gym owner explains, "to burn fat and lose weight your body must have ample muscle mass, body fat is burnt within your muscles and therefore lifting weights increases oxidative capacity and your ability to burn fat. If you want to lose weight, gym sessions are a must." 

Mr Caan went on to explain “our team of certified personal trainers have devised workouts comprised of giant sets, whereby we get the trainee to switch from one exercise to another without resting. You might do 3-4 exercises this way which counts as one big set. As you can imagine, we use a lesser amount of weight for this because it requires so much oxygen. Alternatively we have our heavy duty style training plans, such as Dorian Yates’s back workout, but we gear the giant sets more toward oxidative capacity for increasing fat burning”. 

If you engage in endurance training, your muscle's oxidative capacity also increases. This results in more oxygen used. The same is true with maximal exercise. 

Gyms Are Full Of Cardiovascular Equipment 

According to NASM-certified personal trainer Lauren Kanski, cardio not only benefits the heart and its cardiovascular components but also "strengthens the respiratory and muscular systems." This is why cardio workout must be done 3 to 4 times a week for half an hour to one. 

At the gym, there are many pieces of equipment that accommodate different forms of cardio exercises. Use the right one and you will lose weight. 

For optimum results, take advantage of the following cardio equipment: 

1. Treadmill 

Found in almost every gym, the treadmill allows your body to move the way it is meant to. 

It is also effective, despite it being easy to use. Take your workout to the next level by adjusting the speed or grade and the angle. 

Among cardio gym equipment, the treadmill is proven to have the highest rate of energy expenditure. Walking and running on it results in an expenditure that is 40% then when you cycle. 

2. Rowing Machine 

It exercises your whole body using a big range of motion. Just 10 minutes of intervals on a rowing machine can burn major calories, but only if you follow proper techniques. Thus, the need for a trainer. 

3. Air Bike 

Unlike other bikes, this equipment keeps your core engaged, while keeping the demand on your joints low-impact. It connects your entire body and helps with posture as it works on your upper and middle back muscles. If you want to test your heart capacity and burn more calories at the same time, get on an air bike. 

4. Indoor Bike 

Designed for endurance training, use this to build up your stamina. If you have low resistance, you should pedal faster for 30 minutes or 10 miles. If you have high resistance, do the opposite. 

5. StepMill 

This is sure to get your heart pumping whether you're a beginner or a pro. Just adjust the settings to make it more challenging. It will work your calves, core, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Beginners are recommended to start with 50 floors and then add 20 with every workout session until you reach 110 floors. 

Regular Gym Sessions Help Build Will-Power 

Scientists are not 100% certain as to why a good workout has a similar impact on the brain as meditation, particularly the prefrontal cortex. But they discovered that regular workout can boost willpower and make the brain more resilient to stress. 

A two-month study participated by non-exercisers also revealed that participants showed increased ability to persevere and resistant temptations with regular exercise. 

The study provided participants with a free gym membership and asked them to work out once per week for the first month and thrice for the second. Moreover, they developed other positive habits--less procrastination, reduced smoking, reduced intake of alcohol and caffeine, and saved more money. 

But then, you ask, don't I need the willpower to start going to the gym? 

Well, if you think about the many benefits you gain from your efforts, you would want to put on your workout clothes. Exercise helps with both glucose control and heart rate, two body mechanisms linked to self-control. All you need is just 30 minutes to jumpstart a healthy and fit existence. 

As for staying motivated, your trainer will help you with this. They will hold you accountable and encourage you to pursue your goals. If you work out in a small gym with a big community, you'd be motivated to keep coming back too. 

More Than Just Weight Loss 

In addition to losing weight, going to the gym also... 

 Helps control and maintain your weight. This means if you drop those pounds after regular gym visits, you must not stop your regimen. Switch to routines designed to control your weight. For instance, do strength training twice a week, dance in other days, and spend the rest for active recovery. 

 Reduces your risk of heart disease. As previously mentioned, cardio workout is good for your heart and improves circulation, increasing your body's oxygen levels in the process. It also lowers levels of blood pressure and triglyceride. 

 Increases your lifespan. Your risk of dying early is reduced with regular physical activity, according to a study. Given how exercise lowers the risk of heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases, you'll definitely live longer if you make gym visits a part of your routine and lifestyle. 

On that note, take advantage of every opportunity to hit the gym.

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