What Are The Phases Of Women's Health Care

phases women's health care different ages

A woman's health has its own phases that go back to childhood. Through each one, she finds both challenges and potential benefits to the time in her life. These special points in mental as well as physical care are crucial to a long and happy life. Accepting and working with each change is a vital part of women's care

The First Stages 

Women's care starts at the first measured menstruation. Adolescent care is at the beginning and works to understand what the young woman is going through. It helps teens transition into adulthood. The doctors do check-ups and tests but also offer counseling and vaccinations geared to this point in life. These vaccinations are for the HPV, human papillomavirus, and address one of the often-cited causes of cancer. Counseling is done for sexually transmitted diseases and birth control may be provided for sexually active teens. The counselors or doctors are trained to help these new patients remain comfortable and to understand each procedure. 


In the next phase of a woman's life, she will still need many of the same things she did as an adolescent. The tests are much the same such as a pap test, but some will be different like a mammogram. This important procedure works to detect tumors in the breast or breasts. During this time, she may need treatments for infertility if that becomes an issue, Patients may also have a high-risk pregnancy, childbirth, or have urological problems that go along with this period in their lives. 

Middle Age 

When a woman enters perimenopause and menopause there is a change in the care she needs, and there are many issues a doctor can help with. Things like weight gain, bone density, and cholesterol are all important to watch and maintain during this time. Hormones are key throughout, but with changes in menopause there can be certain problems that arise. Tests are performed to check on women during a women's care checkup. One such test is a bone scan to look for signs of osteoporosis. If the doctor identifies this, they can suggest a care plan that focuses on preventing further issues. 

Elder Care 

At this stage in a woman's life, the emphasis changes from issues such as fertility to issues such as cancer, growths, and nutrient loss. Much like the earlier part of a woman's life, mammograms are crucial during this time to keep up with possible changes among the breasts. Pap smears continue as a proven method of detecting certain female based cancers such as ovarian. Doctors may also prescribe supplements, diets, or special injections that are suited to the age and physical condition of the woman. 

Women's Health Evolving With Age

Every stage of a woman's life should be treated with care. Understanding and working with the physical and mental changes that go along with each distinct phase can minimize the risk of misunderstandings between doctor and patient. Establishing a quality care system early on in a young woman's life is the key to getting the most benefits.

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