Useful Denture Options Give Patients More Choices

useful denture options more patient choices dental solutions

Dentures were a tradition for many and the choices left much to be desired for dental patients. Now, they have expanded to fit a new generation of patients seeking comfort, safety, better grip, and a smile that anyone would be proud to have. More than just a full set, there are a range of choices that make these dental appliances from Dr. Eliaz Kaufman something to consider. They're safe for anyone who has experienced root canals, soft tissue grafts, teeth whitening, or aesthetic dental fillings during their lifetime. 

Full Dentures 

A complete set of dentures are for people who have lost all of their teeth. Top and bottom appliances are considered a set; these items will sit on the gum line and are not attached. Suction is supposed to hold it in place but there are times when an adhesive is necessary to ensure the best fit. They can be taken out easily, whether together or separately. It takes 8 to 12 weeks before the dentures can be fitted after the loss of the teeth, so there is a wait time for getting the procedure. The amount of time needed for healing is also something patients must think about. Expect them to hold up during daily use for up to 10 years. 

Temporary dentures are a primary bridge between getting teeth pulled and when the new permanent dentures are ready to be used. These allow the mouth to heal and sets up a base for the upcoming dentures. The items will help someone keep self-esteem and the ability to eat that could be lost without teeth. Before any extraction, the dentist makes an impression to be sure the temporary dentures will fit when needed. 

Partial Dentures 

Partial dentures fill in when there are only a few lost teeth. They attach to natural teeth that are left in the mouth and can be removed at any time. The dentist will address how long they can be worn and proper care. 

Attached To Implants 

Dentures that are attached to dental implants are very stable. Implants are put into the jawbone and the new dental appliance screws or snaps onto it. These types of dentures can be removed easily; a person doesn't have to worry about them moving while talking or eating. 

Flexible Dentures 

Flexible dentures are an option for those that don't want them made from hard materials. These options are created with thermoplastic nylon. There is no need to worry about breaking them, the flexible material will mold to the gum and doesn't move around. 

A patient can choose between economy and premium dentures. The economy versions are made from cheap material, usually plastic; they do not fit as well or look like real teeth. Even the color of the gum and the teeth are not exactly correct based on the materials used. Premium dentures are of the highest quality thanks to the materials like acrylics and porcelain. These items are crafted to give the best fit for the patient.

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