What Is Detoxification?

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Detoxification is the term used to define the process of getting rid of drugs and other impurities from the body. It is also commonly referred to as detox. Detoxification is an essential process in substance abuse treatment, addiction therapy and addiction medicine in Malibu, CA. Many residential treatment facilities and medical detoxification treatments make use of detox for the purpose of safely managing the symptoms that are accompanied by the withdrawal of alcohol, drugs or other habits. Every individual undergoing detoxification has a different experience. The detoxification process will be influenced by how long the addiction took place, the type of drug or substance abused and the medications used to detox. During the detox process, the health expert used substitute medication to make sure the patient is comfortable while the substances in their bloodstream are removed from the body. The duration of time taken before the drugs can be fully removed from the body and the withdrawal signs have died down ranges from days to months. There are several factors that influence the duration of time taken for withdrawal to be successful. 

Factors Influencing The Withdrawal Period 

There are several factors that will influence the withdrawal period such as the intensity of the addiction, the period of time the individual has been an addict, the substance being abused, the family genetics, the mental health of the individual, family medical history and existing mental illnesses. It is essential to consider all these factors when selecting an expert to help you with medical detoxification. 

Is It Possible To Detox At Home? 

It is extremely challenging and tough to perform detoxification at home. This is because withdrawing from certain products or substances can have some adverse side effects like extreme dehydration and seizures on the body. Detoxification is available in both outpatient and inpatient treatment modes that are aimed at minimizing the intensity and severity of the withdrawal symptoms. People who are suffering from extreme addictions are advised to seek inpatient detoxification programs as their withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. This is because the inpatient detoxification programs entail around the clock monitoring, support and care provision. 

The Detoxification Process 

The process used in detoxification should be personalized for every patient. The steps are the same but the strategies used in all forms of addictions especially drug detoxification should be customized depending on the needs and requirements of the individual. the three common steps used in the detoxification process are evaluation, stabilization and preparing the patient to commence treatment. During the evaluation process, the medical experts examine the patient to determine if they have any mental as well as physical illnesses. The examination entails the use of blood tests to determine the level of drugs present in the patient's body which helps in selecting the most suitable medication to be used. The examination is comprehensive enough to cover the psychiatric drug and medical history of the patient so as to create a personalized and permanent treatment plan. The patient is then stabilized using both psychological and medical therapy to make sure no harm occurs to the patient. During this stage, the health care provider can prescribe medication that can help the patient minimize or eliminate the withdrawal complications and side effects. The last process of detoxification is preparing the patient physically and mentally to commence their treatment plan. The patient is enlightened on what the treatment plan entails, what to expect, what to avoid and they are also given a chance to ask any concerns or queries they might have about the program.

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