The Average Time It Takes to Sell a House and How to Speed up the Process

average time it takes to sell a house speed up home sale process

Did you know that this is the best year to put your house up for sale? It's true! Experts predict an extremely healthy housing market this year. 

Are you wondering about the average time it takes to sell a house? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how long it could take and what can affect the process.

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Offers, Negotiations, and Counteroffers

Most sellers will respond in three days after they’ve received an offer. Negotiations can take up to two days, sometimes longer, depending on the circumstance.

A buyer has 10 days to have an inspection done. The inspection should only last a few hours. But afterward, the inspector will need a couple of days to finish a report.

Depending on everyone’s schedule, you could get through this phase in a few days. After the inspection, the seller and buyer will renegotiate. This could take another two days of delaying the home sale.

Closing the Deal

It will take around 30 days after accepting an offer for everything to close. This will give everyone enough time to get their paperwork processed.

Estimate how long it will take by taking 30 away from the average home selling time in your region.

How to Find the Average Selling Time

Contact a local real estate agent. They can give you an idea of how long houses spend on the market in your area. The real estate agent can look it up online or tell you from their own experience.

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How Much Does the Home Cost?

If your house is priced much differently than the other comparable homes on the market, you’ll have a hard time. 

People won’t bother looking at your home if they think the price is too high. If the house price is too low, they'll wonder if there’s something wrong.

If you work with a real estate agent, they will complete a comparative market analysis. This uses recent home sales data to help you decide on a competitive price for your house.

What’s the Condition of the House?

Most buyers will have an impression based on the curb appeal of your home. If the paint is peeling or the lawn isn’t well kept, a buyer might lose interest.

Discuss any pre-sale property repairs with your realtor. Figure out what you need to fix before putting your house on the market.

Consider the Time of the Year

When you sell your home will have a major impact on how long it takes. Sometimes selling a home in the winter will take longer than the summer.

It will depend on the region and how many buyers there are in the local real estate market. Talk to your real estate agent to find out more about your regional market.

Now You Know the Average Time It Takes to Sell a House

Now you know that there's no easy answer to this real estate sales question! The average time it takes to sell a house will depend on your region. Talk with a real estate agent to find out more about selling your home as fast as possible.

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