Top New Video Marketing Trends 2022

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YouTube is arguably the biggest video platform around today and is an easy way to get your videos out to the public in 2022. 

Understanding video marketing trends can help you get noticed on YouTube and other video sharing platforms like TikTok, IGTV / Instagram Reels, Facebook, BitChute, and Vimeo. Video marketing is even growing significantly on LinkedIn in 2022!

Video Marketing Is Very Important

Using video to promote your business can be a game-changer if you're willing to put in the work. Continue reading this article to learn the best practices, tips, and trends that matter in 2021 for video marketing.

Video First Platforms

App makers aim to give the people what they want with video first platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube. While Facebook and Instagram know video is the catchiest form of media around, they can't redo their whole business model overnight without causing a shakeup.

Video first platforms will continue to pop up and take attention away from sites like Instagram and Facebook, but it is still unclear which app is going to be the winner when it comes to video first platforms.

If you aren't sure how to include these video first platforms in your marketing strategy, consider working with companies that can help you. Learn more about what media companies that work in the video space are doing so you can decide which is right for your business. 

Live Video Lives On

Despite the fact that some people are claiming that Facebook Live is dead in 2022, live video lives on.

While you won't get crazy views as you did a few years ago when using live videos, they're still a valid part of video marketing. If you understand why people love live video, you'll be able to get good results with it. If you don't understand, you'll miss the mark. Either way you can still share, reuse, or repurpose your Facebook live videos after the feed has ended.

People love live video because they want to be able to interact with you. As your audience grows larger, this can become more difficult. However, interacting with people on your stream will help you grow real relationships with the people who follow your brand.

Shoppable Videos

How many times have you seen an outfit on a video, and you wished you could figure out where it came from? We're guessing it's been more than a few times, and that means companies could have made money from shoppable videos.

Shoppable videos feature links to products within the video, so you can shop for whatever is being shown. The more companies see how effective this means of promotion is, the more sophisticated it becomes. 

Personalized Videos

We all know how important personalization is in marketing, but how do you use personalization in videos? Is there are a way to personalize what you're saying, showcasing, and offering in videos for your customers?

The answer lies in segmenting your customers. You can create batches of videos that will serve customers that have shown an interest in something specific. When you do this, people will engage with your videos and are more likely to convert to customers at some point.

A Rise In Interactive 360 Video Technology

360 video technology isn't easy to create -- right now, but it is very effective. Smart devices and VR headsets are making 360 videos readily available to consumers, so if you can learn the skill, it's a great opportunity for your brand.

You'll be able to help your customers immerse themselves in your content and engage in ways other types of videos won't allow. This is becoming especially important on Google Maps listings, website virtual tours, and travel destinations. And it's more crucial than ever during the Coronavirus pandemic and the months or years of fallout from Covid-19.

1:1 Video Experiences

Everything in video isn't about scale. 1:1 video experiences are still important when you want to bring people into your family of customers.

When you're able to have a 1:1 video experience with someone anywhere in the world, you'll be able to scale your business faster than ever. Being able to convey your message and energy through video technology will allow businesses without a big travel budget to get attention and audience with people they wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to get in front of.

Vlogging Will Be a Normal Activity

If you aren't vlogging (video blogging) you're behind on the times. Vlogging might be the butt of many jokes, but people love it. Even if you're a business, you can vlog about what you're doing and get people vested in your business and brand.

People like to see behind the scenes and know who they are doing business with. Vlogging is a great way to let people peek into your world, so they can get to know you and build a relationship with you.

The vlogging trend is not going anywhere except for up, so make sure you hop on the bandwagon for your video marketing. If anything, vlogging is becoming a requirement for influencers and small businesses trying to differentiate themselves in an affordable and scalable way. 

Earning Extra Income 

YouTubers have been able to earn a side income or even a full living for years by displaying advertisements on videos through the YouTube Partner Program. Now Facebook allows certain video creators to earn revenue directly from videos as well based on ads displayed on them and video viewing metrics. 

You can also make money indirectly on videos with any platform by having sponsors or pitching products in the vids. This is most evident on Instagram, but you'll also find it on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn.

Easily Search Videos

Videos will continue to be easier to search because search engines realize people want videos in the main search results. Right now, you might get a few videos in the front search results, but if you want more videos, you'll have to click on the video tab.

Google and other search engines continue to tweak their algorithms to include more video, which makes it easier for consumers to find your video content. 

And keep in mind that Google owns YouTube, so you can usually count on getting YouTube videos in your search results.

Using These Video Marketing Trends

Now it's time to use these video marketing trends to get the word out to people about your business. The more videos you put out, the better you'll get at it, and the more people you'll reach. So use the information above on video marketing trends to capitalize on the industry best practices for 2022.

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