How To Relieve Foot Pain At Home

how to relieve foot pain at home

Places such as the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado do an excellent job of relieving foot pain. They have experts with a wealth of experience in treating such conditions. However, there is much that an individual can do to relieve foot pain at home. It is cheap and may create a habit with long term positive benefits. When the pain gets out of hand, you should visit the institute as soon as possible. Actions you can take to relieve foot pain at home include: 


Most pain can be alleviated by simple stretching exercises. They will not only help with cramping but also with flexibility. You can decide to perform a stretching exercise for the whole foot or you can try an exercise that targets a specific area such as the heel or the balls of your feet. The best would be a combination of both types of stretches. 

Take A Foot Bath 

A warm foot bath could substantially help relieve foot pain. It can relieve sore muscles and reduce swelling if present. You do not need much to take a foot bath. All you need is a container with warm water such as a basin, bucket or tub, a warm cloth, and a dry towel. You should wash your feet slowly with the warm water targeting the most painful spots. Rub them deeply but gently and be sure to dry them afterward. 

Give Yourself A Foot Massage 

Getting a massage from yourself sounds weird but as it pertains to relieving foot pain, it works. You can ask a loved one or family member to give you a foot massage if you live together. You should get some lotion oil, or any lubricant and sit in a comfortable chair. Place your foot on your thigh and knead it gently. Some areas will allow for a deep rub while some will only need light touching. It is best to just feel your feet and respond accordingly. Equipment such as a foot roller may also help you massage your feet. 

Take A Pain Reliever 

There are some pretty powerful pain medications out there nowadays. You can use them to alleviate foot pain when you experience it. They mostly help with pain and inflammation. Though it is only a short term solution, a pain reliever can be of tremendous help especially when the pain is acute. A doctor may also prescribe pain relievers that may work over the long term. Great news is that you can acquire powerful pain relievers over the counter whenever you need them. You should check the side effects though for good measure. 


Just like heat, cold is also a great pain-relieving remedy. Icing will help in substantially reducing the inflammation in your feet that causes you to be sore. You can ice your feet by rubbing your feet on a plastic bag or cloth containing ice. A frozen water bottle or bag of peas will also do fine. You should ice your feet for 5 to 15 minutes several times a day. Your inflammation should be gone soon.

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