How To Start Your Own HVAC Business

how to start hvac business

According to Payscale, HVAC technicians earn, on average, $23 per hour. You may be earning this rate or more per hour. While it is easier to stay with your current employer, can you imagine how much you could earn by starting your own HVAC business? 

You could become your own boss and earn a lot more than at your current job. It may be intimidating to start your own business, but only if you don't follow the right steps. 

Want to learn how to start an air conditioning business? We have got you covered. Here are the five steps to starting an HVAC business today. 

1. Write A Business Plan 

The first step to start a successful air conditioning business is writing a business plan. You will detail everything from your market to your marketing plan. A good starting point is defining what areas you plan to serve. While covering more areas may seem like a great idea, you need to take into account the cost of servicing these areas. It's better to start small and focus on providing the best quality of service. Keep in mind that offering great service will motivate your customers to recommend your company to their loved ones. 

2. Budget Your Startup Costs 

Before going for it, you should also budget all the startup costs to get your business up and running. Consider everything from state licensing requirements to your marketing strategy. While it may cost you a pretty penny, you should consider obtaining certifications such as EPA and North American Technician Excellence. These certifications can give your business a competitive edge over your competitors. 

3. Meet Your Local Licensing And Permit Requirements 

Depending on your location, you may need to comply with certain local licensing and permit requirements. An example is how air conditioning business owners in California need to pass the C-20 test to operate. In this state, you'll also need to obtain an HVAC Contractor license to start your business. To make sure you meet your local requirements, you should consult your state agencies to obtain insight into the minimum requirements. Don't forget to double-check with your city and county offices as well. 

4. Set Up Your Office 

Making your business look professional starts with setting up your office. Depending on your state regulation, you may be able to set up a home office instead of renting a space. As your business grows, you may consider leasing a warehouse to keep your tools and business vehicles. 

5. Launch And Market Your Business 

After setting up your office, it is time to launch your business and start helping clients. Consider consulting an HVAC marketing firm to build your website and market your business. These experts will help you generate leads and turn your company into a household name. 

Can You Start A Successful HVAC Business? 

You can start a successful HVAC business if you do your homework and follow our step-by-step guide. Before pulling the trigger, you should research your market to learn as much as you can about your competition. How can you make your business stand out? 

Make sure to take these details into account when starting and launching your business. If you are unsure about the best approach, you should consider consulting attorneys, accountants, state agencies, among other experts. Covering your bases will set your air conditioning business for success. 

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