8 Reasons Patients Visit Urgent Care Centers

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Urgent care centers have seen an increase in popularity throughout the country thanks to its combination of expert medical care and affordable prices. While every patient is different, many come in with the same complaints and maladies. Get to know the most common reasons patients come to UrgentMed after-hours clinic

1. Cold, Flu, & Virus

Cold and flu symptoms rank near the top of every list of complaints from patients. The biggest sign that it is time to visit urgent care is when a fever hits above 101 degrees Fahrenheit. When checking in, it's always a good idea to use the hand sanitizer and make sure that any coughs are directed away from other patients as well as staff. Nowadays it's more about Coronavirus (Covid-19) as well.

2. Asthma Attack 

Anyone with asthma knows this is nothing to play around with and patients are discovering that urgent care centers have the medicine plus the facilities to deal with their issues. As always, if something becomes more serious, staff can call for an ambulance. 

3. Broken Bones Or Sprains 

Activities such as sports often lead to sprains and even broken bones. Urgent care centers are equipped to take care of both categories of injuries. The staff is prepared to take in patients immediately after checking in to get exams, as well as treatments, started. 

4. Allergic Reaction 

Allergies are a popular complaint that continues to grow with more people being diagnosed as allergic to certain elements. More than food, it is also related to bee stings or animal bites that could trigger an allergic reaction. The doctors and staff at an urgent care facility are trained to handle a range of reactions; most treated with injections or a dose of medication. 

5. UTI 

Urinary tract infections are not just uncomfortable, but also serious if left untreated. Patients might think it's better to skip urgent care and grab the cranberry juice, yet they still find themselves needing a doctor's help to get well. 

Of course, a doctor might prescribe a good glass or two of the juice to help swallow down the necessary medication to improve your women's health.

6. Migraines 

Headaches, especially migraines, are extremely unpleasant and could lead to other problems. In some instances, conditions such as aneurysms or strokes could appear with only a simple headache as a warning. For many, the severity may come from high blood pressure, stress, or even hereditary concerns. 

7. Cuts And Burns 

A cut usually requires a simple bandage, yet many have the potential for stitches and blood loss when untreated. Wounds that need stitches can also be treated onsite and any additional aftercare can be included in the urgent care treatment plan. Simple burns can also be dealt with there. In some cases, additional tests or treatment might be necessary. 

8. Vomiting And Diarrhea 

The loss of fluids and food can lead to dehydration. Both vomiting and diarrhea create these kinds of issues, no matter what causes them. An urgent care center can supply IV fluids to get hydration levels back to normal. Staff also address the underlying cause for the illness and diagnosis how to end the problem as quickly as possible.

Why Visit Urgent Care Centers And Emergency Rooms

Getting sick or injured can be a scary situation and sometimes an urgent medical emergency. Not all illnesses and accidents are reasons to visit the urgent care center or emergency room, but keep in mind the risks and benefits of each medical issue.

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