4 Things To Know Before Your First Visit To A New Gym

what to know before first visit new gym

Getting to the gym can be daunting at the best of times, but if you’ve never actually tried one out before or it’s been years since you set foot in a fitness club, there are a few things to know that can help to make the whole experience less intimidating. 

Reading over a refresher on gym etiquette will help you feel like you belong there even if you’ve never tried out a health club before. The is give you the confidence you need to ensure better success. 

1) What To Bring 

It’s impossible to get a good exercise routine going if you don’t get yourself to the gym in the first place. Knowing exactly what to bring to be prepared and look like a pro will keep you from having excuses. Take a look at this simple checklist before you go: 

• A towel to wipe down equipment 
• A combination lock for your locker 
• A Water Bottle 
• Exercise clothing to change into at the gym 
• Everything you need for a post-workout shower 

Remember it’s always better to bring something you won’t use than finding out you need something you don’t have. 

2) Watch Out For Expensive Long-Term Contracts 

There are two main kinds of payment options that are offered by most gyms. The more traditional one involves getting locked into a long-term contract that can be very difficult to break. In this case, the health club usually offers you a cheaper fee for a limited time, which involves a higher cost once that promotion period runs out and you contract is still going. You may also have to watch out for extra costs of classes or sign up fees. 

3) The Benefit Of A Pay-As-You-Go Option 

The second type of payment option is a pay-as-you-go plan. If you’d like to see a great example of a gym that offers a pay-as-you-go payment option and discover why so many people are finding this option to be a better way to exercise. 

4) Gym Etiquette 

When you’re familiar with the culture of the gym, it’s easy to feel more at home there and that will help to encourage you to visit more often. Here are few things that you should know about how to interact at the gym: 

• Always wipe down equipment after each use 
• Don’t monopolize equipment 
• Leave the cell phone at home 
• Bring a towel 
• Give others their space 

When you’re confident that you’re following all of these rules, you’ll start to feel more at home at your gym. The better your feel, the more likely you’ll be at keeping up your exercise routine. 

Get To The Gym Consistently

The hardest part about any workout tends to be the ability to gather up the motivation to get started. When you’re making your first few visits to a new gym, the pressure feels even stronger. Get to know these easy ways to make that transition easier so that you can get started at a pay-as-you-go gym right away.

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