How to Do Business Relocation Announcements: A Start-To-Finish Guide

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After much consideration, you feel like your current business location isn’t working as well as you originally hoped it would. It’s time for you to change locations but how do you let your current regulars know about the move?

By nailing your business moving announcements that’s how. You’ll at least have to send out a personal letter. Otherwise, your clientele won’t be able to find you and they won’t try to contact you.

They’ll simply take their business elsewhere. We can teach out all about making a grand announcement. Check out this guide to learn more so you don’t lose your clients or other connections when you move businesses. 

Make a List of All Your Contacts 

Depending on how long you've been in business, you probably have a long list of clients, business partners, and vendors. You don't want to miss a single one in your business moving announcement. 

That's why you should sit down and make a list of everyone you need to send a letter to. You may still end up leaving someone out of the loop but it's much less likely. 

Announcement Letters

Now that you have your list ready to go, it's time to write your business relocation announcement letters. The letters don't have to be too long. You want to include your new address so they can find you.  

You should add your phone number and email address if any of that is changing with the relocation. Follow it up with a solid ending like "we look forward to working with you at our brand-new location". 

You may have to adjust your ending depending on who you're sending the letter to. The example above will work for vendors and clients. 

For government businesses, it will read more like "please update your records with our new location". 

Local Ads 

You should still send out letters but putting your new location announcement in a local ad is a great way to get new clients interested in your business. Make sure that if the reason for your move is because you're expanding that you put that in the ad. 

It makes your business sound fruitful. You'll also want to include your business phone number and the address to your new location.  

Social Media 

Start prepping for an office relocation early by simply updating your website and social media. Update your Facebook banner to announce that you're moving and post what your new address is going to be. 

Keep this banner up for at least 6 months for those who don't venture to your website that often. If you have a blog, create fun posts about your move. 

Nailing Your Business Moving Announcements

Are you planning on an office relocation? You'll need to send out business moving announcements or your old clientele won't be able to find you.

If you use this guide you should be able to nail your announcements and maybe even attract a few new people to your business. 

Your business moving announcements are just the beginning of a new journey! Once you've moved to a new location you'll need to get busy with marketing and running your company. Check out the Business section of the Frugal Finance Blog for more information on how to relocate and manage your business on a budget.

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