4 Guidelines To Follow When Relocating Office In London

guidelines relocating office london moving offices uk

Regardless of how large or small your business may be, relocating to a new office in London can be an excellent reason for excitement — and a cause for complications. No matter how many times you contact your IT support partner for help with planning the move, a few things are bound to go wrong at one point or another. 

While this is perfectly normal for any move, there are a few tips you can implement to minimize stress and make your office move an exciting moment for your workforce. Whether this is your first time moving your company's office or your tenth time, these guidelines are always worth following. 

Cost And Budget 

Every major decision your company makes depends on the unique budget limitations imposed on it. From consulting a IT expert in London to find the cheapest cloud computing solutions available to limiting production costs, keeping budget in mind is always the best starting point — the same goes for your office move. 

Considering your move's estimated costs is a smart idea for relocations of any size — especially if this is your first time. Most professional relocation companies can provide you with a prediction of your final bill, so don't settle for a partner who doesn't know their way around the industry. In the end, it'll be your resources that suffer if you find your company surprised by unexpected or misjudged costs. 

Interior Office Design And Layout 

A lot more goes into making a productive office space than comfortable chairs and sturdy desks. Things like your workforce's overall size, number of employees, and technological restraints should be a top priority when arranging the new space. When it comes to physical limitations, your chosen IT support provider can only do so much if your office space isn't organised to support an efficient IT infrastructure. 

Once you've ensured that the more vital pieces of your office space have been accounted for, you can finally plot out its interior design. Again, partnering with a London office IT relocation specialist may be beneficial here as they can assist you in figuring out how to optimise desk placements to promote maximum productivity. 

Inform Others About The Move 

It's generally not good etiquette to leave an old location without proper notice. If you have a office relocation partner who might be overseeing the project in an IT perspective — they need to know where to direct their efforts. Additionally, you wouldn't want regular customers or clients to show up to the office, only to find everyone gone! 

To prevent any confusion, dedicate some time to speak with anyone who might not know about the planned move. This won't only save your office from receiving a few disgruntled calls, but also save time on your end, as you won't have to chase after mail and packages sent to an old address or essential clients who aren't sure where to meet you. 

Dealing With Your IT Infrastructure 

If you're like most modern businesses, then it's likely you already have an IT helpdesk in London at your side to help your business with its technological environment. These equipment pieces are arguably the most vital aspect of your operations, from running day-to-day programs to storing thousands of crucial company files. 

As such, the process of moving a delicate IT infrastructure into your new office location can seem daunting. However, with the right planning and preparation, it doesn't have to be so stressful. 

Here are some crucial tips IT support enterprises in London recommend you follow when moving your IT equipment: 

• Audit your equipment setup and recommission the equipment ready to be used in your new location. 

• Double-check any leased equipment to ensure you don't need to request permission from the vendor before relocation. 

• Migrate servers containing crucial business data carefully, safely and securely. 

• Set up and test the new office's internet and telephone servers to ensure they're ready to be used on day one. 

• Ensure any structured cabling is ready to use and ample allocation to each desk, printer or any other network device requiring a cabled network connection. 


Moving offices is often an exciting experience, as well as one that must be accomplished very carefully. As with most significant business projects, planning is the key to your success. Whether you prepare by bringing on an IT support partner or a IT relocation planner, the process can be stress-free if you follow the proper guidelines.

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