How to Make Money Betting on Sports: The Top Tips to Know

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In 2011, a St. Louis Cardinal fan bet $250 that the Cardinals would make the World Series. That same person bet $125 that they’d win the World Series, too.

By November of that year, that person walked away with $375,000. Not bad a bad return for betting $375. It is possible to win big betting on sports; you just have to know how it works.

Read on to learn how to make money betting on sports.

1. Make a Plan

There are casual sports bettors who place random bets when they feel like it. Sometimes, they get lucky and win. Most of them lose money, though.

You have to have a plan of attack in sports betting. That starts with setting your betting budget, or your bankroll. This is the total amount of money that you can use on sports betting.

Once you have your budget set aside, you need to figure out a place to bet. If you want to know how to bet on Kentucky Derby online, you’ll need to find a reputable site to place your wager.

2. Pick the Right Sport

There are two certainties every March. Someone in your office comes around and starts an office pool for March Madness. You know nothing about college basketball and haven’t followed it all year, but you decide to join the fun anyway.

That scenario plays out in sports betting all the time. It’s not just with office pools, but with sportsbooks, too. This is a sure way to lose money on a sports bet.

You want to pick the right sports to bet with. You need to become a student of the sport and understand which teams and players are doing well.

In horse racing, you have to look at the racing history of a horse, the trainer, and the jockey. You also have to factor in the weather and track conditions.

Some sports, like basketball and football, get the most attention and money. These sports are also hard to make money sports betting. You may find that you can make money sports betting on sports that you don’t really like. Still, if you insist on betting on these popular sports, do it the smart way and work with a handicapping service. Doc's NFL parlay tips are a great way to do this and try to make some money.

3. Bet on Events That Aren’t Televised, Too

Many bettors will place an online bet while they’re watching a game or event on TV. That’s OK to do, but not for every bet.

Most people have the same mindset, and sportsbooks know that and adjust the odds accordingly. The odds will be tough to win, so you want to place smaller bets on these events.

If you want to make money sports betting, you want to mix up your wagers with televised and non-televised events.

How to Make Money Betting on Sports

It is possible to make money betting on sports. You have to have a plan, pick the right sport, and mix up your sports bets.

Learning how to make money betting on sports takes time. You may find that you can make money on a sport that you don’t like. That’s fine, as long as you’re willing to learn about the sport and find ways to win.

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