7 Top Business Advertising Ideas to Try

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You finally have the skills and a working client base to market for your own company. It took hard work and dedication to get here.

The problem is that you need some business advertising ideas but you're struggling to think of cheap advertisement ideas. 

Have no fear! This article will guide you through seven business advertising ideas for your business to help you market yourself in the marketplace.

Read on to learn some helpful tips for small business internet marketing!

Business Advertising Ideas to Use

If you want to learn about marketing, you need to check out the following marketing and advertising tips. They're sure to help you grow business in no time.

Whether you utilize all of them or just a few, they will help you develop your own style of marketing and allow you to create future strategies.

Brand Identity

Your products and services are only a part of online marketing for small businesses. DIY marketing involves a tightly targeted brand with specific goals. 

The last thing you want is for your brand to look unpolished or unprofessional.

If your customers are confused, at all, by what you have to offer, you will lose traffic and capital. 

Your brand identity has to remain consistent from its name, logo, style and asset design. Unless you have expertise in graphic design, you will want to outsource the creative aspects of your brand to a professional.

The same goes for the construction of your business website. Unless you're a professional in backend development, web design or software engineering, you'll want to hire an expert.

Know Your Audience

In order to know your target audience, you'll need to identify your buyer persona.

The details of your customers' personas will help your target your website, product or service to the optimal point for your business.

One of the best ways to get to know your customers is to read your reviews on any platform where you've advertised your business. This will depend on if you're storefront is virtual, physical or both.

Reading customer reviews is essential to B2C, or business-to-customer, one-on-one marketing. If possible, you can send handwritten messages with your products or to customers who frequently use your services.

If you've heard the cliche, "There's no such thing as bad publicity," it holds true for your business, too. Good and bad reviews provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate how transparent, appreciative, and concerned you are for your audience. If you fix a problem in a bad review, customers are more likely to trust your brand, even in worst-case scenarios.

Data Cleaning

You're probably wondering what data cleaning is. Don't worry, it's a simple task you should routinely perform to optimize your target audience.

Accurate data, the numbers from site traffic, purchases, reviews, et cetera, are critical to your DIY marketing. If you can't trust your own data, there are probably other details and routine tasks you've let fall to the wayside, too.

Email Marketing and Optimization

A successful email list is always growing. Don't underestimate the power of a good, ongoing email campaign for marketing yourself.

This is your way of building a longstanding rapport with your audience. Reward customers who subscribe to your emails with incentives like discounts on certain products or services.

If you want people to keep reading about your business, stay on brand. You'll lose email subscribers in one click of a mouse if you don't remember your audience.

Create a Community Through Social Media

Social media platforms each have their own power punches in DIY marketing, but they're most effective in building digital and local communities. There are various platforms with great marketing ideas, but some are best suited to your particular brand.

You can use social media to support your community, whether it's a virtual one you're a part of or the one you're. One way to do this is to start a campaign to support a worthy cause.

Depending on current events and your business services, you can encourage your customers to aid the surrounding community with your products. You could also potentially capitalize on your digital community helping your local community.

Localize It

For example, if your geographic area is experiencing some sort of crisis, you can use your business as a lens of support to help your customers connect with your brand. This could also result in more traffic to your site from new online communities, all while assisting your local community with resources.

If your brand can offer guides to various topics (all on-brand), you could make a series of these for local customers to enjoy in their neighborhood. You could even use these as capital opportunities by fundraising for future guides if they drive enough traffic on their own.

You can also capitalize on your digital community by hosting a virtual event and offering your industry expertise through live webinars. Depending on your industry, you can do a virtual open house or tour of your business venue. You could also generate conversation in your digital community with a virtual happy hour. 

Automated Marketing

Although the personal touch is everything, even in today's digital era, you'll save yourself a lot of time with marketing automation.

Technology will take care of the time-consuming tasks like:

  • Identifying warm leads
  • Fast-tracking sales-ready lead for conversion
  • Efficiently following up sales

Don't be afraid to invest in automated marketing. Start saving yourself time today (as long as you stay on top of cleaning up your data).

Show, Don't Tell

With today's social media world, visual content sells. Whether your business is a product or service-centered, a brand with a clear image always sticks out in a customer's mind.

If you show them the effectiveness of your brand, they are more likely to stick around and even return to your business.

It's Time to Market Yourself

Now that you've invested your time and resources in these great tips for business advertising ideas, you're ready to put them to practice.

Do you need more help with business advertising ideas and marketing tactics? Be sure to check out our other content for additional useful tips on marketing yourself. Visit the Marketing and Social Media sections of the Frugal Finance Blog for additional advertising insights.

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