A Singapore Dermatologist Explains Laser Treatments For Scars

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Laser scar treatments have gained significant popularity over the years. If you are considering getting this form of treatment, it is essential to understand that medical lasers come with potential side effects. 

For most ideal results with minimised side effects, you should understand the following facts on laser treatment. 

An experienced cosmetic dermatologist in Singapore could handle your procedure.
1. Laser Treatment Does Not Get Rid Of Scars 

Contrary to popular opinion, laser treatment does not completely get rid of scars. Essentially, it makes the original scar less noticeable by replacing it with a less detectable one. 

The field of medicine has seen significant advancement over the years. Laser treatment is used by dermatologists nowadays to treat various scars: 

a) Prevent scar formation post-surgery 
b) Minimise scar pain and itch c) For scars that limit movement, laser treatment can help increase range of motion in the area around the scar 

2. The Person Performing The Procedure Will Determine The Results 

One cannot overstate the importance of getting laser treatment from a qualified professional. You should get laser treatment for scars from a certified dermatologist. If the person offering the procedure is not a medical professional and lacks expert knowledge on the skin, you may not get the results you expect and may even compromise your overall health in the process. 

3. A Medical Consultation Is Essential Before Treatment 

The dermatologist performing the treatment must understand your medical history. Everyone's skin condition is unique, and this is why medical consultation is necessary. For a successful procedure, your dermatologist should be aware of your skin type, characteristics of your scar, overall health, existing medical conditions if any and medication you may be taking. 

4. You Should Protect Your Skin From The Sun Before And After Laser Treatment 

You should also not get laser treatment if you have a tan or sunburn since it could cause discolouration of your skin or burn your skin. 

After laser treatment, your skin should be protected from the sun’s harmful rays until after it heals. Otherwise, you risk developing another scar on the area. 

5. A Change In Lifestyle Is Essential Before Treatment

Some lifestyle habits could affect laser treatment. For best results; 

a) Quit smoking two weeks before the procedure. 
b) Avoid skincare products that contain retinoid or glycolic acid 
c) Avoid medication and supplements that can delay healing like vitamin E. 
d) If you get cold sores, you should take medication to prevent them before treatment 

6. You May Need More Than Laser Treatment 

For ideal treatment results, your dermatologist may recommend an additional type of treatment to complement the laser. 

7. A Series Of Laser Treatments May Be Required 

Your dermatologist may schedule several laser treatments for sustainable and most ideal results. When you get a non-ablative laser, you may need a series of laser treatments. 

8. Home Care Is Important After Laser Treatment 

Following laser treatment, your dermatologist will offer you instructions on how to care for the treated area to avoid possible side-effects. 

9. Results Won't Appear Immediately

It may take several months before you can the see full results from a laser treatment, visible improvement will develop over time. 

10. Insurance May Not Cover The Laser Treatment Cost

Health insurance generally does not cover laser treatment. Even though they are used to ease pain and itch, as well as increase range of motion in areas around scars, they are still largely considered cosmetic procedures. Do check with your specific insurance provider for details.

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