5 Top Electronic Health Record Vendors List

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Now nearly 85% of doctors in the United States use electronic health record systems. 

Electronic health record (EHR) systems are used to connect healthcare providers. With these systems, client information can be shared amongst professionals. These e-records can help whether you are performing annual checkups or using BCI Compatible Disposable SpO2 Sensors among other healthcare services.

There are many EHR companies to choose from, depending on what your needs are. Some people use these systems for just storing data, while others use it to stay organized and to communicate. Continue reading to discover the top electronic health record vendors on the market! 

1. AdvancedMD 

There are a couple of versions of AdvancedMD that you can get, depending on how your company does business. 

With proper training, AdvancedMD can supply you with all of your client information and billing needs. You can customize this system and create shortcuts to make your job easier. 

On the dashboard of AdvancedMD, you will be able to view financial, clinical, and operational data at a quick view. All of the tools allow you to easily communicate with clients and other healthcare professionals. AdvancedMD is one of the best programs with real-time updates. 

2. NextGen 

Many people recommend using NextGen is you want software that provides training at no extra costs. 

NextGen provides some of the best customer support and can quickly get your program up and running. Not only does NextGen provide an organized place to store information, but it also includes templates that can help you save time. 

3. HealthFusion 

HealthFusion MediTouch is one of the top electronic health record vendors available. 

If you are looking for EHR vendors that offer help with billing, HealthFusion is excellent software. All aspects of billing can be handled with this EHR vendor. It is easy to use and makes entering claims a breeze. 

All of the patient information is connected between EHR and billing, making your job easier. You can set up manual billing and much more with this software. 

4. DrChrono 

One of the best-rated EHR vendors around is DrChrono. 

If you are looking for a health record software that is customizable, this is the recommended choice. Both small and large healthcare facilities can use this system for task management and health charting. 

This company also offers a user-friendly dashboard and has real-time verification for eligibility. 

5. Kareo 

Not all health record vendors require you to download software. 

Kareo is cloud-based and offers assistance with task management and storing client information. This is an excellent program if you want something straightforward. If you want to make a lot of customizations, however, Kareo is not recommended. 

Check Out The Top Electronic Health Record Vendors 

When it comes to storing health records, there are many EHR companies to consider. 

By utilizing the guide above, you can get the top electronic health record vendors around! HealthFusion and AdvancedMD are two of the most popular choices amongst healthcare professionals. 

Depending on your needs, you can find software that assists you with billing solutions or ones that are more user-friendly. 

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